Sunday, December 30, 2007



2007我做过的,比较特别的的事(not in chronological order...)

1. Our first concert--Harmoc n guitar concert 2007! my effort s all there! n also Singapore Youth Festival!!

2.sandcastle building--hello? not small one, but big ones!!

3.walked from AJC to sembawang beach-- twice!! (chased by dogs at 3am~~)
4. slept at pavilion twice--once at sembawang park, once at east coast park
5.cycled at 2am~ at east coast park

6. stayed up e whole night, clubbing, McDonald-ing, sitting by SIngapore River

7. Drank alcohol in a pub(well, one sip only~i m a good gal pls~)
8. Went geylang, saw a prostitute who looked like 50-year-old sailormoon
9. Went sentosa a few mins after some1's suggestion, during A level period

10. Spent most of my non-sleeping time in study room for months..

11. The most number of times i cried in a within e certain period-- so stressful.. so sad.. so touched.. in dilemma.. many things for me to cry
12. Survived through my A level!!
13. Performed in oldham hall performance fest-- as an auntie~, oldham hall drama--ke lei fe only lah~~

13. Prom!

14. Watched e so-far-most-beautiful-i-ever-seen fireworks in sg

15. Left Oldham Hall.. n din cry when i left!!

There r also things tt were really memorable, which are either too sad for me to mention, or jz i find them unsuitable to b posted here. But no doubt, they are carved deeply on my heart.

SO, 2008 s coming!!

This s really gonna b a year v uncertainties. I dunno wat i wil b doing in this year, where wil i b staying.. will i b studying o working or travelling or wandering? wat r my temporary jobs--teacher or DJ or babysitter or jz some operator? will i b studying in sg or australia or malaysia? will i b studying pharmacy or speech pathology or health science or media?

For 1 thing i know, I m gonna b Happy!! this s wat i really can choose without hesitation!!

2008 HERE I COME!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


我要当老师了。。。在新加坡一件邻里中学教华文和生物。我是这间学校的唯一一个teaching intern!!!教华文应该没问题吧!生物?呵呵,要开始读中学的生物课本了。
昨天去了中学看看,校园挺小的,教职员人数好像也不多。见了我的supervising teacher,是母语部的主任。和她聊了很多,包括她的教学宗旨,我的责任,接下来母语部要推行的计划等。她还告诉我这间学校的学生有时会很顽皮,老师说什么都听不进去,有些还会顶嘴。(主任说我是辩论员,面对顶嘴的学生应该不会有问题~)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My sweet little niece

My niece s has been staying in my house for a few weeks

This 7-year-old gal s very cheerful, witty, talkative, sensible, naughty, chubby, fair... (er herm.. many relatives said she s exactly like me when i was a little gal)

Yesterday night, i was checking bus service online... seeing me checking maps n laptop, she asked me wat i was doing.. i told her yiyi s going to work in sg.. need to take k of myself, find my own transport. Then, this little gal said in a very serious tone, 姨姨你要好好保重。。haha..笑死我。。又很感动~~
after tt, she said she wants to help me find jobs in kuching~ suggested me to sell wan ton noodles in kuching~then she said cannot cannot.. yiyi shud b teaching.. so she said she wil help me to ask her sch to c whether i can teach there..haha..

later, i told her i m going to jb today, going to sg on 27. After some while~ she was crying!!! cried v tears~ i asked her y.. she said, 姨姨明天就出去了,晚上又没有回来,我27号要回kuching了,这样我不是又没有见到姨姨了??then tears rolled from her eyes~ omg.. i nv know she s so attached to me~i always kacao her, tease her, n joke v her~ n she likes to say 我讨厌姨姨~~

我看她哭到这样可怜~很心疼~就抱抱她。。after tt.. my sis told me my niece was saying, "after i go back kuching, yiyi wil go sg, then yiyi wil go australia.. my sch holiday s in march. yiyi dun hv sch holiday in march!! then i wont c her lah?? she wil go there for 4 years leh.. by e time she graduate, i wil b studying in uni already!!"(ops.. this one she s kind of naive~ she has many more years to suffer b4 she goes into uni~~) then she cried somemore~

aiks.. such a sweet gal...

as i m blogging, she s concerning how long i wil b staying in sg, wat time i wil leave home tmr~~

Monday, December 24, 2007

Game rules:For those who are being tagged, you need to answer 20 questions (choose any 19 questions from the one who has tagged you, and add 1 question of your own). Send it to at least 8 bloggers and you will get all the blessing from everyone. You can't tag the one who has tagged you.

1. What is your dream when during your childhood?
No need to sleep, so that i can play n watch TV all the time..

2. You prefer rainy day or sunny day? and why?
Rainy day. A nice weather to laze n sleep for e whole day!

3. What colour do you like most?
Baby blue

4. If you ever have a chance to tell 1 phrase to your love, what would it be?"
I love u (e simplest yet the most meaningful sentence..)

5. Which place in the earth do you want to go the most?
The place where my loved one is situated..

6. What would you do when you are in deep sadness?

7. What do you scare to lose in your life?
The drive to move forward

8. If you ever meet someone that you love, what would you do to her/him?
A hug. Hugging is the best language to express love. (copied directly from waikit)

9. List out 3 good points of the one who tagged you.
Sensible, sensitive, critical in analysing

10. Until now, what is the moment that you regret most?
So far, no

11. Which type of person you hate most?
Selfish person

12. What is your ambition?
Contribute my best to the society (Dun laugh, i mean it.)

13. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.
Do not care abt other ppl's well-being

14. Christmas is coming, who would you like to celebrate with?
My loved ones

15. What is the most important thing in your life?
Appreciate happiness

16. When do you wish to settle down?
Hopefully by 28, partly depending on my Mr. Right loh..

17. If you are given a chance to inherit a personal quality, what would it be? (My question)
Carefulness. I m a careless gal!!

18. If you ever want to let go something in your life, what would it be?
Nothing. All these bits n pieces make my life as a whole.

19. One food in your mind right now!
Ice kacang

20. What is your motto? Y not stay happy when u hv e right to choose between being happy and sad?

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I love this song!!

The 1st time i listened to this song s when kianseng dedicated this song to peishan n me when we were waiting for SPM results.. it was played at suntec city, e fountain of wealth.. love this song so much!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Went to my uncle's wedding banquet few days ago. So happy tt he s finally married!! I used to wonder y he cant find a suitable gal.. he s a nice man v decent job n look n family background, he s humourous~ finally he found his gal!!
Looking at e bride, i was thinking.. wow.. i think i shud get married earlier, b4 30... if not when i bcome bride, i wud hv wrinkles, crow's feet n everything tt shows my age.. aiks.. bride shud b very pretty d mah.. i m not pretty already, still add on all these meh.. dun want dun want~~

Then, i used to think i want to hv 3children.. but, yesterday as i went to e banquet, i met many relatives. Suddenly i hv soooooooo many cousins.. wow.. nv realised tt there s a baby boom. No doubt they r seriously cute, but then v so many kids running around.. it looked quite scary. My aunt, who has a 1.5 year old boy was busy chasing the super energetic boy... he ran to e stage n tried to destroy e sound system. Another 3 cousins were on stage also, trying to figure out how come e cake s fake, y e mike cannot work, how does e champhagne taste~~ omg.. as one of e "adult" sitting near e stage, i was busy chasing them too.. i cant imagine if all of them r my kids while i still need to work at day time~ i wud pengsan~~~

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Went to e market v mum today
DIn go there for quite some time already, since i went sg to study
Today sis n her family s r coming back from UK, i supposed mum had to buy a lot of stuff, so, as a filial (huh?? haha) daughter, i decided to go market v her
SKIP skip skip.....(e details like wat we bought etc etc)
bought breakfast at my fav shop.. OMG since when did they increase e price from 70cents to RM1!! ridiculous!!-- well, although e price s high, i still choose to eat tt cos this s my fav... bo bian~
went to grandma's house, had breakfast v her, chatted v her using TeoChew.. realised, my teochew s like my malay now~~ worsen since i went sg~~

Hello?? can someone tel me wat shall i do?

Now waiting for A level results, supposed to b a great time for me to slack, but then, hello? 19-year-old gal slacking for months? not quite sensible right?

So, actually i hv planned sth for myself:
1. I got internship offer from MOE to teach for a month, salary s $1000, quite a good program cos i get trainings etc etc
BUT! i m waiting for aus uni offer, which requires me to b in australia in early feb. So if i get e offer, i shall not work but use january to prepare stuff...
BUT! MOE wants my reply b4 22nd!! -- so i shall tell them e truth, tt i really want to accept e offer, but i may quit if i need to go aus..
2. Heard tt some frens whom i knew via Broadcast Journalist competition got some jobs from FM95.8, via phone call. Which means, i may get e chance too!!but then i m in m'sia now, even if they call me i wont receive e call!!! omg~~ ok.. i shall email them n say, "hello?? i m free n available!! pls approach me if there s any opportunity!!"
3. Shud travel v my frens in malaysia. But then recently floods r all over malaysia, somemore sis's family s coming back m'sia tmr.. i shall spend time v them right?? but after they go back i wont hv time to go around msia liao... ok mayb i wud hv, if i cant get any desired uni n course..
4. Wat if i really cant get any uni in Aus? i shall wait.. do some work.. join Work n Travel program to go US o New Zealand... then find some relevant internship to confirm my path..

oh well, seemed like i know wat i shall do liao.. haha.. blogging s a way to plan too!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

再见,oldham hall!


时间。。过得还算挺快的。。我不会说“不知不觉”地过了2年,而是精彩充实的度过了我的初院生涯。昨天晚上的prom,就是为我的jc life画上一个完美的休止符。(待续。。)



午餐和佑春一起吃,收到他最后一个在宿舍的“lunch!” sms..呵呵,每天的午餐晚餐都会准时收到“lunch!”和"dinner!"的sms。不知道我们会不会在澳洲相遇呢?


还好,我离开的时候佑春和weiken都在忙着check out,没和我临别依依,都是匆匆的说了再见就走了。josiah, ten, darrel都在宿舍门口送别。天空下着绵绵细雨,还好手上的行李有够重,分散了我的注意力,我一滴眼泪都没有流哦!



Thursday, December 06, 2007


小学时作文的题目。。。小时候看到这个作文题的时候就会很庆幸,我的志愿嘛,这么容易的题目,洋洋洒洒的写了一篇,文笔通顺,内容切题,A!!可是不知道为什么,这个题目的难度好像随着我的年龄的增加而增加。。。前几天回家,看到小学时的通讯录,里面写的是40多个小脑袋瓜的联络方法,毕业感言,和志愿。原来很多小孩(我那个年代吧?)想要当设计师。。呵呵。。榜上有名的包括设计师,老师,医生,律师,不错,典型的“我的志愿”看看这些老同学现在的状况,大概只有一个人正朝着自己的梦想前进,在印尼念医学系。。其他的,还远着呢,不然就是像我一样,已经转移目标了。。转移目标?我的目标是什么?呵呵。。。很乱。。。待会儿要去agent那里问看我还来得及报名吗。。我怕啦,这个决定是目前为止我人生中最大的决定。我很幸运,经济方面没什么大问题,但是就是这个“我的志愿”在搞怪。。当兴趣和志愿有分歧,或是有超过一个兴趣一个志愿时,就会像我一样,"the road not taken”。。。。

Sunday, December 02, 2007


结果才睡了一阵,忽然看到两个人影在我面前,死命喊我起床~~原来是两个朋友买了雪糕当蛋糕为我庆祝。至于为什么是在12点之前呢?原来因为还有一个住另一层楼的朋友要一起庆祝!结果,我看他们吃了雪糕,然后再去睡觉~(要生病了还吃雪糕咩~)要回去的时候,朋友叫我帮她拿手袋,看到了一本吴若权的书。她说,呐,你的生日礼物。。我回应:“屁啦~”(没想到他们会送书本给我嘛~原本希望会收到一只小熊soft toy的。。)“是真得啦!”oh really?? wow!! 我很喜欢吴若权!!真的很喜欢这本书。。全彩色的呢~舍不得看。。

过了一阵,怎么少了一个应该会打电话给我的朋友的电话呢。。原来他通过别人送了我一只熊soft toy..oh my god!! 我这一辈子第一次收到soft toy bear呢,高兴到~~在床上滚,呵呵。。很怀疑自己的形象是不是很“我不喜欢绒毛bear~”,活了18年都没人送我呢~一个在印尼念书的朋友也很意外的记得我的生日。。和几个来我房间向我说生日快乐的朋友聊到2点,我就很开心的睡着了。。
晚上本来要去danga bay玩,结果哥哥困在车龙中,还下雨~我们就继续逛街~
去哥哥家住了一玩,回宿舍。生日隔天才知道ahm做了一个小小的蛋糕给我,但是我不在!最后还是有吃到啦~陆陆续续收到很多sms,即使很多是迟到的,但better late than never!!


Friday, November 30, 2007


oh my god...原来我的快乐会让爱我的人也感到快乐。。。

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


忽然惊觉,我又即将经历一波离别。。不知不觉,两年就这样过了。从去年踏进宿舍第一天的陌生,到现在的默契,是通过不少碰撞,磨擦才造就的。和她们的友情,其实真的还算不上什么情同姐妹,完完全全的理解对方,但是和她们相处就像在早餐时喝美禄一样—一个惯例性的动作,那么地自然,但是早餐硬是不给你美禄,你还是可以照样活下去,就是觉得少了点什么。吃饭前要scan卡。出门前要book out。Roll call要到了不要去冲凉。右边那间冲凉房的门要用脚从下面勾着加上用手从门缝用力扯才开得到。住久了就会有归属感—不论你是不是真的很喜欢这个地方。

等一下国婷就要离开宿舍了。虽然我知道我们还是有机会碰面,但是住同一屋檐下,天天见面,一起吃饭出门逛街玩耍聊天煮maggie curry instant noodles的日子应该是没办法重演的。。其实她们第一次让我感受到姐妹淘意思。。就可以在她们面前提到自己喜欢的男生也不会觉得尴尬,有什么感想也可以马上和她们分享。。这两年的相处,应该是前世修来的福,让我遇到了一群可爱的朋友。不知道我会不会哭。很可能。虽然说经历了这么多次的离别,但是这次我应该还是没法做到那种“friends come, friends go“那种豁然的心态。。。

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bye bye...

一直都很期待考完试的那一天,考着一张又一张的考试,心中暗喜:两年的scholar生涯要结束了!终于要把压在肩上的担子暂时放下,休息一阵。。对于考完试毕业离开宿舍等我只抱着开心,期待的心。刚才和一位朋友聊天时,他问,我是不是又开心又伤心呢?huh?伤心?为什么?噢。。毕业也代表我得和这两年来认识的朋友说再见了。说没有感觉是骗人的,但是,friends come, friends go..所以,我只能在心中祝福大家前程似锦。。。我的gang,婉欣去美国,佑春去澳洲,weiken应该去美国,国婷丽英多数是在新加坡。。我呢?真的不知道。。。世界很大,所以。。以后应该是各走各路的,再次同住一个宿舍的几率应该是0。但是,我感谢老天,让我认识了一群要好的朋友,让我在新加坡的日子精彩了很多。。没有朋友我就不是我了。。。我受不了没有朋友,孤孤单单的日子!!开始担心我回家后会不会习惯一个人睡一间房,一整天看家里的墙壁,和电脑说话,等爸爸妈妈放工才陪我。。。。


一直都很期待考完试的那一天,考着一张又一张的考试,心中暗喜:两年的scholar生涯要结束了!终于要把压在肩上的担子暂时放下,休息一阵。。对于考完试毕业离开宿舍等我只抱着开心,期待的心。刚才和一位朋友聊天时,他问,我是不是又开心又伤心呢?huh?伤心?为什么?噢。。毕业也代表我得和这两年来认识的朋友说再见了。说没有感觉是骗人的,但是,friends come, friends go..所以,我只能在心中祝福大家前程似锦。。。我的gang,婉欣去美国,佑春去澳洲,weiken应该去美国,国婷丽英多数是在新加坡。。我呢?真的不知道。。。世界很大,所以。。以后应该是各走各路的,再次同住一个宿舍的几率应该是0。但是,我感谢老天,让我认识了一群要好的朋友,让我在新加坡的日子精彩了很多。。没有朋友我就不是我了。。。我受不了没有朋友,孤孤单单的日子!!开始担心我回家后会不会习惯一个人睡一间房,一整天看家里的墙壁,和电脑说话,等爸爸妈妈放工才陪我。。。。

Friday, November 16, 2007

2 more papers to go!!

left 2 more bio papers!

so far... math还好,econs全军覆没,chem普普通通,gp要看老天的造化。。。
bio...application 的syllabus 到底是什么连老师也不知道。。。


Sunday, November 04, 2007

This s horrible...

it is 2.14am now
wat m i doing here?
damn it....i cant sleep
i dunno y
i hate this feeling
somebody pls help me to get into sleep, n grant me a good night's sleep
it has been happening

wat a sad request
let me sleep

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A level s coming!!

A level s really coming.. wah..
a mixture of feelings now
excited, bcos after this big hurdle i can finally enjoy some stress-free life...
worried,bcos compared to UPSR PMR SPM, this one s really challenging...
not confident at all~~ haiz...
everyday study study study~~~

nvm.. bear v it for a few more weeks!!
n freedom shall b mine!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I m a matchmaker

I hv 2 frens who like each other.. other ppl all can observe already yet they stil dun want to admit~
then ytd night, i jz want to kaypo, to know whether they really like each other~ so i persuaded e guy to confess to e gal~ talk talk talk for a while~ suddenly e gal told me e guy confessed to her liao~ wahhaah....damn funny weh~
both r my frens, especialy e guy.. one of my best frens liao.. hehe brotherhood!! few days ago he baru said if i want to join their "brotherhood" i hv to treat them bak kut teh.. siao~so rich meh
now he has to treat me for giving him e courage to confess.. hehe...

Feel like i m a matchmaker now.. haha..
anyone wanna confess but lack of confidencE? tell me tell me~~ let me counsel u...

Friday, October 19, 2007




Saturday, September 22, 2007

shopping spree..

today wanxin n ley ying n elin n i went out to do some shopping
not only "some", but super a lot... very tiring
for me to choose har.. study for so long o shop for so long, i wud rather study...
but luckily i got e things i want.. =)
bought a dress, a pair of shorts n a pair of sandals..
i really feel tt gals in shopping malls, especially where sales r held, r very horrible
accompanied ley ying to buy her shoes, i sat in a shop tt gv 70%discount
it s like.. battlefield~~~ omg~~
i think e guys who work there r quite pitiful.. everyday they c gals' ugly side.. haha
btw i think i wont ask my bf to shop v me.. very ke lian to make guys wait wait wait for u while u happily try on ur clothes in fitting room. But shopping v ur gal frens r nice.. like today everyone of us took one pile of clothes n tried.. laughed at each other in fitting room, giv comment etc etc... this s enjoyable~ luckily euchoon n weiken didn follow us, if not they will die there.. bored to death.. haha

feel quite guilty to spend so much time shopping.. mug now mug now!!
tmr s thanksgiving dinner....

Monday, September 17, 2007



殘酷的口福updated:2007-09-07 16:26:49 MYT
過生日的那個上,朋友邀請我到一稍有名氣的餐館吃飯。進了餐館包廂,從服務員手中接了菜譜,朋友先點了幾道“普通”菜肴,然後在服務員強烈建議之下,叫了一道喜氣洋洋的‘團圓扇子’。名字這麼輝煌的‘團圓扇子’,端上來後,我們竟然發現只是一條首尾相接、形成一個圓扇形的鱔魚。我的反應比較慢,朋友卻立馬跳了出來,批評這道‘招牌菜’有點失真、過于夸大事實。那位跟那道菜肴一起出來的師傅,以動作解答了朋友的疑問。用手上的小刀,他將鱔魚的腹部慢慢劃開。只看到亮晶晶的、鮮美的魚子涌了出來,透明而潤亮如珍珠的魚子,一下子就堆滿了晶瑩剔透的盤子。或許,他停在哪兒就好。可惜,大師傅繼續賣弄。他說︰“這道菜肴的難度,在于尋找與采購即將產卵的母鱔魚。在制作的過程,把活生生的母鱔魚小心的放進鍋里的熱油中。受了熱,母鱔魚急于保護自己的卵,在護住腹里的卵的過程,便使勁的躬身。烤熟後,母鱔魚就躬成一個完美的圓形。”我們馬上給嚇呆了,驚訝的說不出話來。這個時候,他加了一句話︰“今天你們很有口福,這條母鱔魚,又大、又肥、又鮮。”口福?名字與概念都好。但,美麗與美好的下面,竟然是哀婉的、殘酷的故事。大師傅強調這道菜肴味道很好。不知道為什麼,拿著筷子的我們,就是不忍下筷,腦海里禁不住要聯想,亮晶晶的魚子,不止是小鱔魚的生命,還是母鱔魚臨死之前,為了維護孩子們的生命,掉落的悲涼與絕望眼淚。 (星洲日報/副刊•文:李國七•2007.09.03)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wah exam s very irritating~

haiz... prelim now.. i m still online.. haha~ erm... to relax myself a bit after today's 6hours 15mins of papers... crazy time table
luckily tmr i hv no papers... if not i will pengsan
e bio papers today r killers... e toughest paper i ever received...
haiz.. y shud prelims b so difficult?
or.. actual A level s so difficult as well??

y m i studying huh???
god pls send me salvation by teaching me math chem bio econs gp!!!!!

alright...finish kisiao-ing

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Curse the thief!!!

A hostel fren lost $400 in her room! $400!!! it s meant to pay internet fees.. my money s inside too..
wah this thief har... s really cruel! we suspect it s her roommate who did it. Her room r all JC2 students, so bad lah.. prelim now n real A level s coming still do this kind of thing.. make my fren has no mood to study.
Really hope tt there s God to punish those who do wrong things..
Stealing s a crime! if the person s caught, i hope tt e person will b expelled
Even if u really dun hv money, dun steal all lah!! $400 steal $50 still not so cruel. But...alright stealing $1 s wrong already....
earn ur own dollars if u want!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hari Kemerdekaan

Yesterday was malaysia's national day..
Kuan Chin, as malaysian AHM organised a simple celebration in dining hall

Malaysian boarders, mainly scholars, gathered around a table, n we sang Negaraku..
suddenly, i felt a bit sad...
exporting scholars has become a common trend..
y r we here? Y there s no place for us in malaysia?
i wonder....

anyway, happy birthday to malaysia..
my home, my family, my frens, my childhood memories....r all there...
there s no other place i can love..

Monday, August 27, 2007

A road diverged to two..nope.. to many many many

The same feeling as i felt 2 years ago..
where shall i further study?
this time round, it s more complicated
When i was in form5, all i hav to decided s which kind of Pre-U or foundation
now.. is which country n what to study n which U n how much money i m expected to choose
is choice alwayz a good thing?
well... i shall not mourn, cos i m given e priviledge to choose, despite having all those restrictions...

exam stress s adding on my shoulders... Prelims, then actual A levels, then, boo~!!! all these will b gone n e past 2 years will jz b a dream, except those relationships v ppl i met in during my JC life....

If i hv Doraemon, i wud use time machine to c what shall i b in e future
do i hv doraemon? No
so.. i can predict my future

Queh Sera Sera~~

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nanyang JC Film Festival

went NYJC last night to watch films..
one film s acted by my fren shimin samantha, a really talented gal.. she can sing, compose, good in English Lit n Chinese Lit, can act, play piano n guitar well....(did i leave out anything? i guess so...). E film s romance film.. erm.. personally i find e story quite bland, but i like e edit of e film.. e scene when e guy celebrated gal's b'day in a classroom, v blue lights lit in a heart shape while they sat in e heart shape... wow.. so romantic lah~ but then if u really do this in sch n discovered by teachers u sure die

2nd film s a thriller... at first i tot it wud b funny.. cos thriller shot by students... i dun expect too much.. as long as it does not appear too boliao can already~
well.. end up.. whole LT shouted when e little boy ghost appeared.. then some other scary scenes followed...
er herm.. for me, i dun spend ticket money to scare myself.. but i din expect this thriller in film fest... n.. it successfully "cheated" me to watch a thriller~~~ haha....

one thing i want to comment s-- NY environment s much better than AJC!!! at least they hv space, more study areas~~ n.. it s not so old~
ley ying was laughing at us, saying tt normally flow through scholars wont choose AJC, only direct scholars will b sent there, cos we dunno much abt JCs yet till we study there.. n we dun hv much comparisons~~

aiks~~~ nvm i still love AJC, especially teachers~~
Non Mihi Solum!!
btw~ can math teacher giv me some consultation slot???

Thursday, July 26, 2007

high salary woman~

heard from a fren tt her sis jz broke up v bf.. one of the main reason s her sis earns much much more than e guy!!
alamak.. how can this s e reason huh...
do guys hv such strong self esteem?
next time har.. if i earn more than my bf, i will not tell him.. hehe.. jz keep e money to myself~~ such a briliant idea.. can spend e money on my own n not making him feel sad....

well... this shows tt i m a good gal...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007






Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blood stains~~

Any idea wat happened? haha.. leying played badminton without wearing shoes.. n this s e consequence!! so scary.. she didnt aware at all until e badminton court s filled v patches of blood stain~~~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

School Graduation Certificate..

I was writing my SGC when i suddenly feel like writing blog..
Haiz.. SGC s really a great opportunity for those who like to boost their achievement to do so.. every sentence u write, u hv to phrase it in e way tt ppl will feel tt u r such a wonderful, 天上有地下无....

flipping through my senior's SGC, i realied tt throughout the college life, i didnt hv much "achievement", all i hv r many many many activities. As i write, many memories flashed back in my mind.. well.. how good can SGC reflect ones' quality? i m not sure.. everyone s trying hard to "sell" himself.. i guess our future employee will hv the ability to b critical to all these writing, if they went thru Project Work n did "Evaluation of Material", know how to assess e reliability of data... haha...but wat i know is that i really learnt a lot in my JC life... tough, yet enriching

haiz.. can i write sgc in an emo tone?? i m better in writing emo articles, not factual essays.. as reflected in my poorly written GP essays n my "artistic"articles published in books...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

070707 a chinese drama

070707.. a wonderful date~~!! but i had a normal saturday..
however i went to tiong bahru plaza to watch a chinese drama.. e feeling was great!! soft breeze blew on my face, sitting on traditional "tikar mengkuang", i took a sip of free chinese tea while enjoying e amusing n sarcastic drama. E main theme s to "suan" singapore gov for things happen recently like increase in GST, building casino but ban mahjong competition, general election tt alwayz gives same results... n singaporean's attitude like dun want to participate in politics, elitism, n recent cases of ppl commiting suicide by jumping into MRT tracks..
some abbreviations they used:
GST=government says thanks
ERP=easy-easy raise price
NETS=now everyone tam sim

n many many more~~~

had a great night!! but e only bad thing s i went there alone.. as i was watching, how i wish i hv someone sitting beside me n laugh v me!! well.. bo bian lah.. ppl around me doesnt seem to hv interest in chinese drama.

if i were to study in singapore U, i think i will join them in acting!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007







现在去到了新加坡,看报纸变成了功课,必须阅读来应付我的general paper,加上看的是英文报,我的兴趣也没那么浓厚了,因为~~我觉得好像又回到了那个“不懂不懂”年代,好多字看起来都很陌生。。。。常常在图书馆里看新加坡的华文报,总觉得少了很多该有的东西,排版看不惯,用字不是太过浅白,就是太“中国”,看起来很不是味道。。。每次假期回家,我都会兴致勃勃地翻出旧报纸来慢慢看,还是马来西亚的华文报办得好!!但是比较起来,马来西亚的英文报就太逊了~~~感觉上就像看新加坡的中文报一样。。


Monday, June 18, 2007

After Famine 30...

I hv done it!! I went through 30 hours of starvation, n i m alright..
Well.. honestly i dun really "learn" much from e camp, bcos e info given there r alr in my brain, inserted by my GP teachers as well as newspaper.. so i dun really feel shocked when i m exposed to e cruel facts related to starvation, poverty, AIDS, etc..

However, there r some feelings tt i strongly felt during e role playing. E following experience s based on my role n e camp... :

I m a Mynmar little girl, living in a family of 15. Only 2 of my siblings are healthy at e beginning. E rests hav AIDS, blind, mute, cripled or hv arm injury. I m born healthy, but my sibling (wanxin) s cripled, so she had to rely on me... we hv to go wherever together (v our legs tied together). So, as recommended by gov, we hv to go for vaccination. I was given money to go for vaccination, thank god.. our goal s to hv enough food, clean water and education.
However, e hospitals n schools n water n food stations r not alwayz available due to some reasons. I had to queue up n wait, sometimes i even wait for nth.. Finally i got my vaccination..
Erm.. my family s poor but i want to hv education. So i went to find jobs. Without edu, i cant find proper jobs. As i was walking, somebody approached me to do a high pay job, saying tt i dun hv to do much.. so my frien n i who r innocent n knew nth much, jz took up e job. Eventually, i knew tt e job s prostitution.. But e pay s high, n my family need food n money, i had no choice but took up e job. Out of my expectation, i got AIDS!!! so i had to go hospital on hourly basis. E money i earned from prostition s 2o, bt each AIDS treatment costs me 18!!! luckily my sibling who s a prostitute also didnt get AIDS, so she uses wat she earned for my treatment...

At this moment.. i felt quite sad for my role.. but this s wat s happening in many places in e world.. Kids hav no knowledge, no choice, no access to basic necessities.. n they r forced into prostitution, drug dealing, organ dealing.. things like that.. When my role s infected AIDS, i had to wear a black rubbish bag tt label me as AIDS patient. Although it was a role playing that lasted for a few hours only, i felt a bit "discriminated" when i contracted AIDS.. n luckily it only lasted for another 3 hours after i kena AIDS, if not i wont hv enuff money to continue my treatment, n i will die... n i understand tt in some those circumstances, ppl had no choice but to do illegal job!! i even thought of stealing n robbing if i need to continue my treatment.. this s how problems arise!!!

Alright now back to reality.. i m going to do a report on Famine3o tonight on FM95.8
Hopefully this can create some awareness for youths in singapore.. n do sth abt it...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Going to starve myself tmr...

Tmr i m joining famine 30 hour camp organised by world vision..
i alwayz wanted to join this camp since i joined cadet of reporter..
due to many many reasons, i jz didnt manage to join
finally i can join this year!! but it s in sg, i wonder there will b any difference

well.. i m a little little bit worried now...
30 hours without food.. erm... shud b very hungry i guess? nv starve for so long...
but i do hope tt it will b a meaningful one..
i dun want myself to go there n jz starve myself without learning anything..

Just now i was chatting v wanxin abt OCIP tt she went last year..
wondering i shud join this year..
mayb i will jz giv myself a try?
heard tt it s not as "meaningful" n "beneficial" to both students n beneficiaries...
mayb i shud try sinchew daily's program in teaching chinese in poor countries?
erm.. it s going to b a long term commitment.. n i wonder if i can put down things to get involved...

anyway... study!!! aiyoh kaiyee ar mid year s coming~~!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007




“我曾经为你熬夜,只为了做你的生日卡片,一起熬夜,一起在网上废话连篇。。。。。”虽然这首歌的本意是要形容同窗之间的故事,但是这两句对我来说却像是在谈一场远距离恋爱,希望能用生日卡,msn, skype等来给爱情灌溉。。。光亮品冠的《身边》,呵呵,有这样淡淡,却很实在的爱情感觉应该很不错吧?有心爱的他在自己身边,即使做的是日常生活中最普通的事,感觉应该也很幸福,很满足吧?坐在你的身边是种满足的体验,看你看的画面,过你过的时间。。毕竟不是每一对情侣都有机会常常坐在彼此的身边,感受彼此的气息的。。。最让我感动的一首歌是林俊杰的《会有那么一天》,爷爷奶奶的爱情故事。。。没有轰轰烈烈,只有对彼此信任,让战争和生离死别也分不开他们的爱。。。“微笑再美再甜不是你的 都不特别 眼泪再苦再咸有你安慰 又是晴天。。。。我只对你有感觉。。”这首歌真正感动我的地方,不是歌词,不是旋律,而是它背后的故事。。。对我来说,他是意义非凡的。。。。“我只对你有感觉~~”

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

blogging s meant for???

recently i was asking a fren y he seldom update his blog..
he said he found tt blogging s quite meaninglesss...
cos he cant write too personal things in his blog, although not many ppl wil read it.. but some who read will help him to spread unnecessary news..
2nd thing s since not many ppl wil read, wat for he blog? he wud rather write emails to those who care abt him..

well...for me.. honestly i dun really blog how i feel, especially it s quite personal o related to religion o race.. but i blog abt interesting things i found in my daily life, to entertain myself o entertain ppl who read my blog.. that's all

my real diary.... i m e only one who knows where it is...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

A memorable land expedition

jz came back from Delta Experience last night, n slept for 16hours in total.. haha like a pig
now thinking back, i think i wont forget the experience when my group was followed by 2 groups of dogs~~

it was around e last 1 or 2 km from the destination, around 3.30am
i was the last one, since i was the Student Instructor who wore reflection jacket
few hours ago i was sms-ing v william, he "cursed" me for meeting sth tt i wont forget in my whole life..
suddenly, i heard dog barking. I turned back, saw 1 dog.. since we were walking in group of 11, i wasnt afraid.. jz a dog, no big deal.
After a while, i heard a few more dogs at e back... barking in e way which s quite different.. sounded as if they wanna attack us
i was quite scared, thinking tt i mz take k of my camper's safety ( i wonder y i was so NOBLE at tt time) i called mr seng calmly, telling him our situation n exact location
he said he cant help us too cos he s far away...
then i started to panic.. called kendrik, whose group s jz a few hundred metres in front of us..
while i was calling, suddenly i heard another bunch of dogs on our right.. omg.. i cant imagine how many dogs r there n how bad e situation is if the the dogs decided to attack
i slowly moved myself into the groups.. cos i was the last one.. imagined my shins bitten by dogs.. ouch how painful it wud b...
continued calling other teachers, hoping to get more help.. cos even if kendrik's group come, they wont b much help also
then josiah called.. saying tt they try to send me help

after tt my group tried to stay together, hoping to decrease surface area... i grabbed a camper's hand, telling her tt i m scared...i searched myself, realised tt we din hv any weapon to protect ourselves, except for a whistle to get help... we all were terrified. but the guys in my group assured me by telling us tt they r at e back, even if the dogs attack, they will b bitten 1st.. quite assuring i must say.. sharlene wanted to run, we all stopped her... mathangi shouted when e dogs barked.. we immediately shut her up.. wat e hell lah.. SIs r supposed to b more calm shudnt we?

after a while, dunno y e dogs jz didnt follow us anymore.. we still dare not talk..
then kendrink brought an umbrella v one of his camper.. n slowly we crossed to e other side of e road to join the group.. still, no one dare to create noise.. i quickly called to HQ to make sure no other groups walk the area without escorting..until we finally reached sembawang park.. i was so relieved when i c some groups there v teachers.. thank god we r safe

then e campers started to share how they felt
they tot i was not scared at all when i was calling.. until i grabbed a gal's hand saying tt i m afraid.. haha good acting.. others said tt were thinking how to attack back if they r attacked.. some planning to punch, some saying tt they wud make e dogs into "hotdog"
aiyah say only lah~~~

anyway thanx for group 6 Flexibility... i m glad to hv u ppl in my group..
i was so exhausted after tt.. tried to grab some rest b4 sunrise
lying alone on bench, i heard dogs barking...damn... i jumped up n grab an umbrella n slept on e floor in pavilion, v another grp's ppl.. phobia already i guess.......

during reflection for the whole camp, all of my campers said it was the most unforgettable moment in e camp, ranking 1st in the list.......

yes i totally agree....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

College Day

Last sat was college day...
Seniors came back to get their awards..
I was so happy to c them again.. it's like..... i was juz super duper happy,非笔墨所能形容真的是最适合形容我当时的感觉了。。。

晚上,Oldham Hall Performance Festival



哎哟我很神经质啦。。。but who cares!! my blog s my story, i just want to write watever tt apppears in my mind now!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Land Expedition Recce!!!

Went for land expedition recce... not very far, according to qin zhneg
it s ONLY 12.7km....
alright.. i was so tired yesterday n even fall asleep during tutorial.. sorry mr goh~
then interviewed jc1s juniors who gav me seriously shocking answer in scenario questions..

finally it s 6.30pm n all of us were ready to go. Well, many DE SIs dint turn up bcos of various reasons. so ke xi looh.. after some briefing, we set off!!
along e way, we talked, sang, laughed... quite fun. I made an effort to try to rmb e route of landmark so tt i dun get lost in actual DE.. it will b quite sia suei if i bring my group to dunno where.. haha..

after a while, we reached e 1st check point! yeah!! not as difficult as i imagine.. rest for a while n we continued... qin zheng walked quite fast, his pace s same as mine when i m rushin back from sch to hostel for dinner.. walk like that for 1 km s ok. But it s not fun to walk all e way in that speed!!

then... we walked pass a reservoir.. nice scenery.. nv expect sg to hv such a nice view also.. haha next time can pat toh here (eh find a bf first la~~) walked for dunno how far, we reached a yishun park. It was quite dark, n i heard tt SIs hv to stand like in e middle of the park..(shall not reveal more details~~) eh dun play play huh.. it s really not so fun ok.. i was bitten by red ants, not once, not twice, but a lot of times!! killed 2 red ants to revenge~~

there was lightning... followed by thunder at around 930pm... (Well.. melvin cannot differentiate thunder n lightning!!) but we still continue walking.. cherlyn's auntie-bag ended up on melvin's shoulder... haha... everybody seemed to b a bit tired already.. n my blister kept on reminding me of his presence.. eh i know u r there ok??? the lightning loooked nice, but scary too.. teacher reminded us tt someone was struck by falling tree few days ago.. but wat can we do? jz walk fast n pray hard n make sure tt u r not taller than e rests..

finally we reached sembawang.. ms tan decided to let us take bus, cos it seemed to b raining soon.. so we took bus!!! omg it s quite long.. imagine on e actual day we hv to walk~~~ v e bunch of campers also.. aiks~~

n we reached sembawang beach!!! i cud smell bbq smell.. so tempting~~ e wind at e beach s super strong, making me shiver a bit.. cos i was sweating a lot n e wind immediately lower my body temperature... cold sial~ better dun fall sick cos sat s important!!! (well... performance fest s sth tt i dun wish to attend~~)

after some debrieft, we proceed to pavilion n celebrated EC's b'day!! so cool.. if i were him i wont forget this moment!!

then, super super kind ms siao sent us back... it was not a short ride... n 5 of us squeeze at e back while b;day boy sat comfortably in front...

my legs was numb...........
byebye!! shower n going to sch now!!! collega day!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Feel like blogging.. bur dunno wat to talk abt also~~ a lot of things r happening.. n i m too slow to catch up.. i guess.. seemed like life pace s much faster than my pace..
can everybody in my life update me wat s going on?
i m confused... did it really happen o that was my dream? seemed like nth has happened, but e feeling was so real... well... e answer will b revealed soon...

dunno wat i m talking abt.. haha..
feel like eating dunkin doughnut now..
nv c it in singapore.. miss home lah...
papa mama korkor jiejie i miss u guys~~
feel like dumping myself on my bed, i mean my OWN bed at home n sleep for long hours......

one good thing that i shall celebrate is :
holiday s coming!!!! i want PONTIAN!!!

btw~~~ tutorials n proposals r waiting for my attention now..

Friday, May 11, 2007

信 vs 电邮



做到大概凌晨12点半,终于完成了。。明天一定要寄了。不像电子贺卡或电邮,寄信是有lag time的。。。email或sms的话就不用怕会迟到。。。

隔天早上,走了几家便利店都没有卖邮票。。没有SAM machine...还好托朋友帮我买。。







Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A small good news...for me!!

Ha-ha-ha~~ a small piece of good news...
i m exempted from afternoon PE officially!

i nv like afternoon PE since JC2.. it s at 3.15pm, which s still very very hot. N i seriously dun think that 315pm is suitable for PE
theoretically sun light between 10am to 3pm should b avoided
but Singapore s different lah!! everytime sitting on the track wearing PE shorts s a torture, i will e fat in my butt s slowly melting... then run, do conditioning on cement floor, often not under shade, unless it s really super hot!!
last year afternoon PE was ok, cos no matter wat NAPFA results i get i still hv to carry on v it. N it was quite late also, so e sun s not tt hot. We had dance during PE after NAPFA somemore! so fun!!!

now no need to attend afternoon PE.. no need to barbecue myself anymore.. haha.. since i came singapore so many old frens said tt i became darker. Of cos lah.. last time no need to walk under e sun, o in e rain.. my dear mummy will fetch me to tuitions somemore... only around once a week i hv to walk, n definitely nearer than from MRT to hostel....

but e bad thing s..... less physical exercise, consumption of food remain constant o even increase... wat wil i get???

i dun want to b "CUTE"!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007








我當時沒吭聲,照簽了,心想 【君子報仇,十年不晚。】








「你可以去砸那大師的招牌了!」 我有一天開他玩笑。


你更要知道,這世間最好的 『報復』,就是運用那股不平之氣,






Thursday, April 26, 2007

Malaysian's childhood....

I was talking abt childhood memories on my way back from sch v wanxin. Coincidentally i read this from my fren.. edit to suit my own childhood...

If you are Msia's 80s baby,read throughthis,

we grew up watching Transformers, Doraemon who speaks malay (TV3), Woody Woodpecker,Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, Mask,Ninja Turtles,Ultraman n not forgettin POWER RANGERSn BUGS BUNNY!!!

had to brush our teeths during recessat primary school? had to hold plasticcups, line up with your classmates sideby side and start brushing our teethsat some open area... or maybe near somedrain??

do you still remember that we had'dentist' rooms where we had to haveourteeths check?not to forget our 'program minum susu'in primary school.. everybody issupposeto buy like cartons of milk that costed30 cents.. and you would see everyonedrinking it everyday...its d UHTmilk

the teachers who would want to punishus must use yellow rulers to hit us onour palms?? 1 metre length..that a bowl of mihun soup or some souponly costed 40 cents at the schoolcanteen... add one fishball u hv to pay 10cents more...

went to some sundry shop near theschool or to the 'roti' man waiting outsideourschools so that we can buy junk foodlike chickedees, mamee, ding dang withsome toys in it, 'Ti Kam', ice-creamandwe would play games like monopoly, uno,old maid, and all other card games likethat...

another fun time would be duringPendidikan Jasmani. the boys wouldplay football while the girls wouldplay netball... and it would be like wewere playing in the world cup...but of course. the best would be mainguli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice-cream sticks, 'Pepsi Colaone-two-three', Cops and Robbers, mainkejar-kejar duduk,getah... and for thenot so active, those kind of 'bookgames' where we would use buku latihanto draw and ask our friends to play...

do you remember the ice-cream tubeswhich are actually ice and colouringthat are sold for 10 to 20 cents.. thecolourful ones.. where you usually biteoff the top to glup it down.orangetastes b best..(pop-ice)what about days when we felt like doingnaughty things such as folding papersso small to make 'lastik' amd shooteach other... how about throwingchalks??

in computer class, we were still using 4 inches (forgot e actual size) floppy disk to copy games like NINTENDO..

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

May ah lan jie jie rest in peace...

Yesterday morning, cousin ah lan passed away... quite shocked when mum told me. She s still young, around 30+, not married yet..
It was quite unexpected for me, even though i knew tt she had leukemia since last year
however, during this chinese new year she still visited us, looked well..
my aunt was so sad tt she fainted for a few times in e hospital.
Haiz.. i think she s my most capable cousin from my paternal side, n closest to my family cos her job s in the same field as my dad's business

She merely caught a cold.. then fever... then that's it.. Her funeral s tomorrow.. I wonder my aunt s strong enuff to face it. Bai tou ren song hei tou ren...really painful
Life s so fragile..
Treasure everyday, enjoy ur life while u still hav it..

Monday, April 23, 2007


Today s harmonica band's BIG day!!!
We went for Harmoc SYF!
I was really high in e morning, cos we hv been practising hard, jz for this day!! yeah!!
CHoir was really nice to lend us their comfortabel choir room as holding room.. so we get changed, prepare, rehearsal....... N set off!!

reached there.. saw RJ n hwa chong n NJ ppl..
wow RJ's gals wore dress somemore..looks nice!
anyway, not quite in e mood to look at other ppl... focus...
very soon, it was our turn to enter tuning room
played for e vry last time b4 our turn
erm.. quite nice

line up at backstage.. while NJ was playing
wow they played very well!!! but that shall not affect my mood.. steady..
finally it's our turn!!
smile!! walk swiftly n confidently!!
started to play.. music of the night. Nice mistake n i enjoyed playing on such a grand hall
much much much better than my previous experiences in AJ hall, AJ audi, AJ square...
next song macarena. Hui MIn's solo was good, no mistake!! feel happy for her cos b4 this she jz couldnt get some notes right
another enjoyable moment.. i conciously sway my body as i play.. hehe b4 tt we reminded ourselves to look immersed in e music.. there i was!! second song finish.. there was a small mistake.. but i dun think it affected much (eh u-know-who, u know i mean it!! u were great!)

then we watched other JC playing. VJC was good, quite creative n entertaining.. e rests... not very special

finally... results r announced..
AJ harmonica band, got a SILVER!!
well.. not very surprised, after comparing v other schs..
some of us were happy, some were sad
for me.. i m quite neutral
i did think of getting a gold. But after watching others, i think silver s fair
n i wasnt sad, cos we really really did our best!! n i think the feeling to hav a whole band working towards a same goal s amazing!
nvm juniors.. u all mz jiayou o!
we cant break d silver record, but sustained it...

however... i still rmb when our batch of exco was elected.. we promised to get a gold...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My food drawer...

went out v wan xin eu choon wei ken... supposed to buy stuff for family day

ended up buying a lot of food for personal consumptin...

then.. as i put e food into my drawer...

i realised

i really

hav a lot of FOOD!!!!!

c lah... tell me how to not gain weight???

Saturday, April 14, 2007

PW results!!

our dear AJC gave us a surprise... PW results s released!! n shortly after announcement, we got our results.. Our dearest PW teacher, ms sabariah was smiling away when i walked to foyer to c my results..

yeah i got A!!! so happy!! i think i nv get any A before since i study in AJC..except Napfa.. haha so pathetic right? my group of 5, 4 got A n one got B. Erm.. quite happy already.. although i feel quite "sayang" for her.. 1506 s one of e best classes.. we hv As n Bs only!! yeah!!

a scholar class didnt do well.. n their teacher was so upset.. haiz y mz scholars do well huh? it s jz normal ok... n there s sth tt i m not quite happy v is someone actually said tt those who didnt get A deserve the results bcos the results s e reflection of their effort.. well.. the person jolly well know how he/she has done during the period of PW.. anway, despite results, i agree tt i learnt really a lot thru PW.. especialy presentation skill n EQ..

i m sick again........
aiks......... cannot tell mum if not she will b worried n nag me....
hv been sleeping for the whole day n didnt go DE training... feel much better than last night!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007







Friday, April 06, 2007

Harmoc concert s over.. n my job s going to reach maximum point~~

Teacher-in-charge has been calling me numerous time after concert...

Realise that i hv to rush out things as early as wed.. especially when we dun go to sch on mon n tue, hv to do our e-learning stuff at home...

however... a success in concert s the thing that matters most...

seeing harmoc s bonded as a band, i feel so contented...zhi of the songs we played last night

last night b4 i slept, e songs kept on replayed in my brains....

Harmoc+guitar concert!!!

yeah finally harmoc combine v guitar concer s over.. i m soooo relieved now!! (although i hv to close e account as soon as wed.... v everything done...)
overall i think it was good, at least it was up to my expectation.. although there r some small screw up here n there.. but i feel tt it was really much better than my imagination
n e most important thing s... i hear my frens screaming my name!! wow cool!!! although i cant c them, but their support s there!!!
alright i m super tired n want to sleep!!!
byebye blog!!

btw today i went to e dark audi, late at night, only v wan xin n elin, after it was cleared n locked..quite scary.....

Monday, April 02, 2007


昨天在宿舍的周会时,忽然收到朋友的SMS:明天是bio spa你知道吗?正式的!!”

结果呢,这个谎话就一直传啊传,wan xin身为bio rep也不停的收到同学来确认的sms..她也很合作的骗了人家几分钟。。。

晚上,和william chat时,告诉他我后悔下午没有骗他,午夜12时后就没得骗了
他说,还好没骗他,因为有一个传说是中午12点前骗人,被骗的人是 april fool,12点后骗人的人是april fool...


Friday, March 30, 2007

Ask us come... n wanna kill us....

saw this on a table in LT4 when i was practising harmoc..
come on.. wat s e purpose of writing this on the table? haiz poor ppl... cant find a good channel to express their views..
by the way y scholars mz b killed to save Singapore har?
i tot Sg s having brain drain n need to import ppl to increase population n strengthen workforce?
childish sial~~~~

Sunday, March 25, 2007


yup today i started to learn swimming..marianne s my coach. I think her swimming skill s pro enuff to b my coach
arh i wont forget her if i can swim!! but so far today i only can move a little bit v e help from the float n marianne, in circular motion somemore~~~
still rmb last year when kuan chin, blue house captain asked me to join iron house in swimming, i said i cant swim!! he said aiya as long as u can swim can need to care abt speed!!

i wanna learn swimming to save me from all kinds of pathetic scene i hv to go thru in future
i was rejected to join NYAA camp organised by ODAC cos i cant swim~
i dun feel like going to any island cos i cant swim if my frens wanna swim there....

hopefully~ i can swim..
no need speed... as long as i can swim can already!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

utility fees...

went to a CCA leaders meeting v principal v vp..
besides discussing problem tt other cca face, vp also told us abt how sch divide the pie-- 1.1 million a year for our sch
i was shocked when i c utility bills actually contributed 15% of the fund..
after a few seconds, i tot it was reasonable
singapore s a tropical country, but i hav to bring jacket to sch when i hv lectures
often, i m freezed in lecture theatres n auditorium.. argh.. so ironic right? the weather outside s so hot!! n i wonder y we cant adjust the temperature of the air conditioning in auditorium..
this s really weird.. many ppl wud rather b freezed than to adjust the temperature
take hostel as example, i know many ppl r feeling cold during assembly
n i actually caught cold several time b4 i cud switch off some air-cons..
now b4 assembl i will switch 2 air con off, n the temperature s jz nice! ( i dunno y i can adjust temperature)
PM Lee said one of the best invention last decade (o century? i forgot..haha) s air conditioning
well.. no doubt air conditioning s important for singapore, but pls use them wisely, too create a more condusive environment n not to add on burden.. lower utility bills!!

btw i dunno y i hav air con in my room. I dun demand for it n i can live happily without it
i hv to pay 20 dollar a month for it n get frozen..
no demand, jz create the supply n impose rules n regulation to force ppl to accept "merit goods"
merit goods-- goods tt r deemed by gov to b beneficial-- oic.. hostel s jz following wat our leaders said..

Monday, March 19, 2007

Everything s like a ball...

Took this picture yesterday, while we were having drama rehearsal...
Guess wat we were showing??
Sch s going to reopen, n we r not ready at all..
everything s like a ball of thread, all tangled up.. a lot of things to do, but dunno which one we shud start with.. so sad man....
i need topoisomerase to cut a nick n release the strain... omg so BIO.....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I m an ENFP

My personality test results

You are An ENFP

You love being around people, and you are deeply committted to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist

oh... how come different v my MBTI test done earlier in sch?
MBTI said i m ENFJ...
well..nvm..i like this one
i wud make an excellent journalist, hopefully!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

haha... mouldy blog

jz realise that so many ppl actually link my blog to their own sia suei.. nv update since last holiday.. it has been months n i jz leave my pathetic blog here.. well... it s ok i guess
not many ppl will drop by d.. haha..
ok i will write short entry whenever i m free...
whenever i m FREE!!!