Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Muar+Tampin+Melaka Trip

Few weekends ago, i had a gathering v wanxin leyying and guoting.. yeah they r my good frens i met in singapore! That time, I was in Pontian, Guoting in Muar, Wanxin in Tampin n Leyying in Singapore.. n we din meet up for quite a while dy.. so we decided to hv a gathering!!

Since pontian s a bit far from tampin, i went Muar to meet u guoting 1st..
Muar.. i went there for a few times when i was active in student reporter. So when i had to wait for guoting for a few hours in muar town, i had a good time "loitering"!! At night, went to guoting's house.. haha her house was full of females! i din c any male at all (cos her bro wasnt home yet by the time i went to sleep)

The following day, we were drove to Tampin. Wanxin was the one who came to pick us up! Surprise! After lunch at her place, we went A Famosa to see animals 1st while wanxin went to pick up leyying..

Then, we headed to the water world!! wow it s so fun!!! the most memorable game is "High Speed"-- something like a slide where player slides down from abt 4 storey's height. It was quite 'OH MY GOD" cos i din even get to shout-- not only because it s quite scary, but the water splash nearly chocked me also!

After exciting games, we took our time to enjoy in the wave pool.

After all those nonsense, we went back home to shower, then dinner.. At 12am, we r supposed to sleep already right? NO!! We went out for tampin's famous SATAY!!! the succulent pork v a little bit burnt edges plus spicy peanut satay sauce.. wow.. nice! After tt, we 4 gals finally got to sleep in the same room!! Happy!! Chatted for a while, but soon we all fell asleep. Cos we were really exhausted after the day!

Next day, we went Melaka for breakfast.. Then, we took different buses to go back to our places..
A short but enjoyable trip =) looking forward to our next trip!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I m waiting...

Urgh.. seemed like many ppl got their acceptance letter already
They got their 1st choices..
Where s my acceptance letter har.................
NUS.......... NTU............(anyway, NTU can u giv me my 2nd choice instead of 1st?)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Started my new job on Tuesday, n i feel so drained when it s only Thursday today...
My job, is called Admin assistant, which means, sit in front of the computer, type type type, print print print, filing, answer phone calls........ all in a small office with only 2 more auntie-colleagues, and 2 pastors as my bosses --ya, pastors r my boss cos i m working for a church.

The office is smaller than a classroom!! Today, i spent whole day in office just to do Bulletins ( the handout given when u attend church service on Sunday). Oh well i never know that it can b so tedious to prepare Bulletins!! SO many small small things to take note of! So, those Christians who take bulletins every Sunday, pls dun throw them away hor! Appreciate it! Hard work u know?

Worked from 9.30pm til 7pm today, din even step out of the small space to have my lunch cos my colleague gave me some beehoon. Din meet more than 6 ppl today at work.. Din do anything meaningful to other ppl... This s certainly not the type of job i want to do in the future. I would rather be a housemaker then~ Students' life s e most enjoyable one!! I cant wait to go back to school already!! STudy more more more, do sth that requires higher level of thinking...

Anyway, i m here to learn something
This time round, i m learning to be careful -- my biggest flaw is i m very careless!!

Alright, no more typing cos i hv had enough of typing today........ Mz rest dy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a joke


haha.. this s super funny!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

"I love you forever!!“


可是呢,就发现有些人也喜欢放上那种两个人正在接吻的照片,或是就直放情人的独照,然后写上大大的 i love my dear forever!!...



所以,恋爱中的人是不是应该在friendster facebook里面贴满合照,向世界宣布自己已经是not single not available,让身边的朋友也来分享你的喜悦,然后,如果choi choi choi分手了才来花多一点时间删除照片,换status,想办法把对方从自己的生活剔除?

看到顺眼的漂亮照片就贴上去,什么i love u my dear forever就免了吧,如果我love you forever,不必用扬声器让每个人都知道的 =)
(ok 我不是很相信love forever,但也要尝试嘛~)

p/s: Sorry KS!! i had to blog in chinese~~~dunno how to express in english lah..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Making decision..

How nice would it be if a decision can be made via coin-tossing...
However, you can only do so when both options are equally good (or bad...)
When there is a slight difference, you would try so hard to scrutinize, evaluate, weigh..
Just to make a right decision, or rather, just an intelligent guess?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dad is random~

After dinner, Daddy was asking me what i would like for breakfast
I said, oh I want XXX nasi lemak!
He happily agreed to my request.
After a while,
Dad: U want nasi lemak right?
Me: Ya
Dad: I buy u YYY nasi lemak when i go there to hv my coffee tmr (YYY s his fav coffeeshop)
Me: NO (in a decisive tone, but smiling)
Dad: 很好!有个性!

ok.. like this also called 有个性~
wat a cute daddy i hv! =)