Monday, June 18, 2007

After Famine 30...

I hv done it!! I went through 30 hours of starvation, n i m alright..
Well.. honestly i dun really "learn" much from e camp, bcos e info given there r alr in my brain, inserted by my GP teachers as well as newspaper.. so i dun really feel shocked when i m exposed to e cruel facts related to starvation, poverty, AIDS, etc..

However, there r some feelings tt i strongly felt during e role playing. E following experience s based on my role n e camp... :

I m a Mynmar little girl, living in a family of 15. Only 2 of my siblings are healthy at e beginning. E rests hav AIDS, blind, mute, cripled or hv arm injury. I m born healthy, but my sibling (wanxin) s cripled, so she had to rely on me... we hv to go wherever together (v our legs tied together). So, as recommended by gov, we hv to go for vaccination. I was given money to go for vaccination, thank god.. our goal s to hv enough food, clean water and education.
However, e hospitals n schools n water n food stations r not alwayz available due to some reasons. I had to queue up n wait, sometimes i even wait for nth.. Finally i got my vaccination..
Erm.. my family s poor but i want to hv education. So i went to find jobs. Without edu, i cant find proper jobs. As i was walking, somebody approached me to do a high pay job, saying tt i dun hv to do much.. so my frien n i who r innocent n knew nth much, jz took up e job. Eventually, i knew tt e job s prostitution.. But e pay s high, n my family need food n money, i had no choice but took up e job. Out of my expectation, i got AIDS!!! so i had to go hospital on hourly basis. E money i earned from prostition s 2o, bt each AIDS treatment costs me 18!!! luckily my sibling who s a prostitute also didnt get AIDS, so she uses wat she earned for my treatment...

At this moment.. i felt quite sad for my role.. but this s wat s happening in many places in e world.. Kids hav no knowledge, no choice, no access to basic necessities.. n they r forced into prostitution, drug dealing, organ dealing.. things like that.. When my role s infected AIDS, i had to wear a black rubbish bag tt label me as AIDS patient. Although it was a role playing that lasted for a few hours only, i felt a bit "discriminated" when i contracted AIDS.. n luckily it only lasted for another 3 hours after i kena AIDS, if not i wont hv enuff money to continue my treatment, n i will die... n i understand tt in some those circumstances, ppl had no choice but to do illegal job!! i even thought of stealing n robbing if i need to continue my treatment.. this s how problems arise!!!

Alright now back to reality.. i m going to do a report on Famine3o tonight on FM95.8
Hopefully this can create some awareness for youths in singapore.. n do sth abt it...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Going to starve myself tmr...

Tmr i m joining famine 30 hour camp organised by world vision..
i alwayz wanted to join this camp since i joined cadet of reporter..
due to many many reasons, i jz didnt manage to join
finally i can join this year!! but it s in sg, i wonder there will b any difference

well.. i m a little little bit worried now...
30 hours without food.. erm... shud b very hungry i guess? nv starve for so long...
but i do hope tt it will b a meaningful one..
i dun want myself to go there n jz starve myself without learning anything..

Just now i was chatting v wanxin abt OCIP tt she went last year..
wondering i shud join this year..
mayb i will jz giv myself a try?
heard tt it s not as "meaningful" n "beneficial" to both students n beneficiaries...
mayb i shud try sinchew daily's program in teaching chinese in poor countries?
erm.. it s going to b a long term commitment.. n i wonder if i can put down things to get involved...

anyway... study!!! aiyoh kaiyee ar mid year s coming~~!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007




“我曾经为你熬夜,只为了做你的生日卡片,一起熬夜,一起在网上废话连篇。。。。。”虽然这首歌的本意是要形容同窗之间的故事,但是这两句对我来说却像是在谈一场远距离恋爱,希望能用生日卡,msn, skype等来给爱情灌溉。。。光亮品冠的《身边》,呵呵,有这样淡淡,却很实在的爱情感觉应该很不错吧?有心爱的他在自己身边,即使做的是日常生活中最普通的事,感觉应该也很幸福,很满足吧?坐在你的身边是种满足的体验,看你看的画面,过你过的时间。。毕竟不是每一对情侣都有机会常常坐在彼此的身边,感受彼此的气息的。。。最让我感动的一首歌是林俊杰的《会有那么一天》,爷爷奶奶的爱情故事。。。没有轰轰烈烈,只有对彼此信任,让战争和生离死别也分不开他们的爱。。。“微笑再美再甜不是你的 都不特别 眼泪再苦再咸有你安慰 又是晴天。。。。我只对你有感觉。。”这首歌真正感动我的地方,不是歌词,不是旋律,而是它背后的故事。。。对我来说,他是意义非凡的。。。。“我只对你有感觉~~”

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

blogging s meant for???

recently i was asking a fren y he seldom update his blog..
he said he found tt blogging s quite meaninglesss...
cos he cant write too personal things in his blog, although not many ppl wil read it.. but some who read will help him to spread unnecessary news..
2nd thing s since not many ppl wil read, wat for he blog? he wud rather write emails to those who care abt him..

well...for me.. honestly i dun really blog how i feel, especially it s quite personal o related to religion o race.. but i blog abt interesting things i found in my daily life, to entertain myself o entertain ppl who read my blog.. that's all

my real diary.... i m e only one who knows where it is...