Sunday, August 24, 2008




开始有点讨厌每个人都懂demand supply影响price的道理。


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


(I m too lazy to blog about my Bali trip anymore.. I shall just upload somemore pics, and let the pics speak for me..)

Beijing Olympics's grand opening ceremony made Chinese all over the world proud. I doubt any other country is able to produce such a spectacular program. Perfectly coordinated performers, amazingly beautiful fireworks, creative props, artistic programs, all these remind us that China is rising, progressing, and will be leading the world. However, some reports claim that the firework effect was faked, etc etc~ I wonder whether those claims are credible, but this particular report.. saddens me..,100162

The cute girl who performed "Hymn to the Motherland" was actually not the original singer of the pre-recorded tape! Another girl of similar age sang it!
As my family and I were watching the opening ceremony, we were commenting that the girl is so so so cute, so "China", cooperative, and so lucky to be chosen to sing the song. Never did we ever consider that she was chosen just because she is cuter and more presentable than the original singer, while the original singer who has wonderful voice was hidden behind the scene. How does the "original girl" accept the fact that she actually sings for Olympics, but the world will recognise another girl to be the singer? And accept the fact that this happened largely due to her buck teeth? I cant imagine how is this event going to hurt her, affect her confidence? And maybe even ruin her life? What message is this incident sending?

"You can be talented, you can be hardworking, but if you do not have the look, sorry..."

Is this the image that the Chinese want to potray?