Monday, August 27, 2007

A road diverged to two..nope.. to many many many

The same feeling as i felt 2 years ago..
where shall i further study?
this time round, it s more complicated
When i was in form5, all i hav to decided s which kind of Pre-U or foundation
now.. is which country n what to study n which U n how much money i m expected to choose
is choice alwayz a good thing?
well... i shall not mourn, cos i m given e priviledge to choose, despite having all those restrictions...

exam stress s adding on my shoulders... Prelims, then actual A levels, then, boo~!!! all these will b gone n e past 2 years will jz b a dream, except those relationships v ppl i met in during my JC life....

If i hv Doraemon, i wud use time machine to c what shall i b in e future
do i hv doraemon? No
so.. i can predict my future

Queh Sera Sera~~

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nanyang JC Film Festival

went NYJC last night to watch films..
one film s acted by my fren shimin samantha, a really talented gal.. she can sing, compose, good in English Lit n Chinese Lit, can act, play piano n guitar well....(did i leave out anything? i guess so...). E film s romance film.. erm.. personally i find e story quite bland, but i like e edit of e film.. e scene when e guy celebrated gal's b'day in a classroom, v blue lights lit in a heart shape while they sat in e heart shape... wow.. so romantic lah~ but then if u really do this in sch n discovered by teachers u sure die

2nd film s a thriller... at first i tot it wud b funny.. cos thriller shot by students... i dun expect too much.. as long as it does not appear too boliao can already~
well.. end up.. whole LT shouted when e little boy ghost appeared.. then some other scary scenes followed...
er herm.. for me, i dun spend ticket money to scare myself.. but i din expect this thriller in film fest... n.. it successfully "cheated" me to watch a thriller~~~ haha....

one thing i want to comment s-- NY environment s much better than AJC!!! at least they hv space, more study areas~~ n.. it s not so old~
ley ying was laughing at us, saying tt normally flow through scholars wont choose AJC, only direct scholars will b sent there, cos we dunno much abt JCs yet till we study there.. n we dun hv much comparisons~~

aiks~~~ nvm i still love AJC, especially teachers~~
Non Mihi Solum!!
btw~ can math teacher giv me some consultation slot???