Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tmr s e last day that i hv to work to get my 1st salary in my life..
so, dun mention abt how students nearly drive me crazy today, but think abt how m i going to use e money

since papa n mama do not need my money for new year or anything, n i think they wud seriously laugh at me if i giv them money.. there s also too much new year stuff at home, i think.. hehe.. i can spend money on myself..

So, i shall spend some money on things tt i find it "sinful" if i use my parents' money..
1. Watch a few movies --- ok this one not so sinful lah.. i do watch movies using parents' money
2. Buy myself a necklace-- I hv been wearing mum's necklace since prom night.. like it a lot.. dun bear to return mum.. so i shall buy one for myself or mum to exchange =)
3. Travel! -- fine.. i know my salary s insignificant compared to fares tt i hv to pay to go UK.. but UK trip.. is sponsored by parents, n sis wud take k of my accomodation n food (guess so!).. i m planning for trips around malaysia n even neighbour countries (definitely not singapore~~)
4. A few good books... din buy book tt r not related to academics for a long time.. my previous bday present from frens really aroused my interest to read again... but this time perhaps not so many chinese books, but english~

my mood s really good now!
1st salary s coming in~~!!!!

(alright.. currently i m stil quite broke, hv to wait til abt 14 feb--valentine's day?? bfore i can get e input in my bank account)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Alright~ I know I shouldn’t blog during office hour~ but then I m seriously zha dao today..

Went to teach a Sec1 Normal class Chinese… omg there were 3boys who were extremely naughty~ wah.. cannot stand them, I know I wud “lose” if I shout, but then I jz cant control their noise level n I shouted at them—meaning I scolded them for a few minutes loudly~

They jz couldn’t stop talking, moving around n disturb each other

I punished them, make them sit in front, they din bother also~ i think this s e bad part abt not being able to cane students. Last time when I was a primary sch kid, I was so afraid of teachers—because of their canes. I also wonder y they hv such thick skins. I used to feel so embarrassed when I was scolded or punished by teachers. Jz a single sentence could make me feel so bad~ but they r totally reverser.. seemed like they even enjoyed my scoldings~!!!

They r so kaypo~ wanting to know my personal details

So, in sch, I m officially 25 years old, married, v 3 kids (ok in some classes i m “not married, hv boyfren).. I m preparing a reason y I dun wear ring—I need to do housework, so I dun wear ring

I think I hv to act old, act like a mum~ then they dun take me as a jie jie who can b bullied easily

I wil roar like a tigress if needed. SO DUN PLAY PLAY V ME!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Year mood


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

heng ar....

this morning, i woke up very early.. i looked at my hp, it says 540am.. saw e little "Alarm clock" icon on e screen, ok..i did set alarm
so.. i continued sleeping~
after a while, i woke up again~ looked at e hp, it says 615am
i was thinking.. ok.. jz a while more it s going to ring~
i fell asleep again.. not really sleeping, but jz blur~~
then after some time, i was thinking, eh? how come it s not ringing? i better check e time now!
i looked at hp, omg it s 630am!!
how come my hp din ring?
i checked again....

wah i set it to 625PM!!!
siao ah~~ if i din wake up automatically, i wud oversleep!!!!
imagine.. teacher oversleeps~~ students wait in class~~ omg omg scary

but HENG ah!!!! somehow i jz woke up.. hoho thank god!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

A lovely bird

Today, when i came back from work, i saw a lovely green bird on e window pane of my uncle's neighbour's house.. Wow.. it s so beautiful! n it din fly away even i moved near to it, took its pic. So cute! but i think this bird s a bit dumb~ it shud learn to protect itself, my dear..
mayb it s injured... cannot fly.. mayb it jz knew tt i m a good person who wont harm it~

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekends at home

Since now i m working in sg, from mon to fri only, i go back home every friday
So, wat do i do at home??

My typical weekend:
By the time i reach, it wud b around 5pm. So i shower, take a nap, dinner.
Dinners r usually so-so on fridays, cos mum needs to work
After dinner, watch tv, read Sinchew Daily of e week
Then sleep early cos it s rare to b able to sleep early!!
Somemore, i get to hug my dear soft toy bear n sleep on my lovely bed!!!! wow!!

Wake up at around 9am, since no1 wud disturb me
Mum wud even put down e curtains for me.. so nice
Breakfast.. normally s bought by mum, brought back by dad
Then prepare my lunch
Watch drama series downloaded throughout e week using home pc
Read papers..housework.. online..
Late afternoon.. mum n dad come back. chat. prepare dinner. eat snacks
Bro comes back.. dinner(sat dinners r ALWAYZ sumptious!! cos mum has more time to cookk!!)
Chat.. drink chinese tea.. internet
sometimes go out to buy stuff v family

Wake up at around 9am again. Go out for breakfast v grandma.
Come back, prepare lunch, watch movies, read...
Lunch (normally i m still full at this moment)
Then prepare to come back singapore
Reminders n reminders r all around.. Post-it notes written "Charger", "Sandals" r everywhere cos i tend to forget things~~
Reach uncle's house, sit in front of my laptop n slowly spend e remaining hours of my weekends...

ya this s how i spend my weekends...
slack~~ hohoho....
but then i think this s not a good way
no exercise, no meaningful activities except family bonding

Any suggestion to help me to force myself into exercising??

Tuesday, January 15, 2008