Thursday, May 31, 2007

A memorable land expedition

jz came back from Delta Experience last night, n slept for 16hours in total.. haha like a pig
now thinking back, i think i wont forget the experience when my group was followed by 2 groups of dogs~~

it was around e last 1 or 2 km from the destination, around 3.30am
i was the last one, since i was the Student Instructor who wore reflection jacket
few hours ago i was sms-ing v william, he "cursed" me for meeting sth tt i wont forget in my whole life..
suddenly, i heard dog barking. I turned back, saw 1 dog.. since we were walking in group of 11, i wasnt afraid.. jz a dog, no big deal.
After a while, i heard a few more dogs at e back... barking in e way which s quite different.. sounded as if they wanna attack us
i was quite scared, thinking tt i mz take k of my camper's safety ( i wonder y i was so NOBLE at tt time) i called mr seng calmly, telling him our situation n exact location
he said he cant help us too cos he s far away...
then i started to panic.. called kendrik, whose group s jz a few hundred metres in front of us..
while i was calling, suddenly i heard another bunch of dogs on our right.. omg.. i cant imagine how many dogs r there n how bad e situation is if the the dogs decided to attack
i slowly moved myself into the groups.. cos i was the last one.. imagined my shins bitten by dogs.. ouch how painful it wud b...
continued calling other teachers, hoping to get more help.. cos even if kendrik's group come, they wont b much help also
then josiah called.. saying tt they try to send me help

after tt my group tried to stay together, hoping to decrease surface area... i grabbed a camper's hand, telling her tt i m scared...i searched myself, realised tt we din hv any weapon to protect ourselves, except for a whistle to get help... we all were terrified. but the guys in my group assured me by telling us tt they r at e back, even if the dogs attack, they will b bitten 1st.. quite assuring i must say.. sharlene wanted to run, we all stopped her... mathangi shouted when e dogs barked.. we immediately shut her up.. wat e hell lah.. SIs r supposed to b more calm shudnt we?

after a while, dunno y e dogs jz didnt follow us anymore.. we still dare not talk..
then kendrink brought an umbrella v one of his camper.. n slowly we crossed to e other side of e road to join the group.. still, no one dare to create noise.. i quickly called to HQ to make sure no other groups walk the area without escorting..until we finally reached sembawang park.. i was so relieved when i c some groups there v teachers.. thank god we r safe

then e campers started to share how they felt
they tot i was not scared at all when i was calling.. until i grabbed a gal's hand saying tt i m afraid.. haha good acting.. others said tt were thinking how to attack back if they r attacked.. some planning to punch, some saying tt they wud make e dogs into "hotdog"
aiyah say only lah~~~

anyway thanx for group 6 Flexibility... i m glad to hv u ppl in my group..
i was so exhausted after tt.. tried to grab some rest b4 sunrise
lying alone on bench, i heard dogs barking...damn... i jumped up n grab an umbrella n slept on e floor in pavilion, v another grp's ppl.. phobia already i guess.......

during reflection for the whole camp, all of my campers said it was the most unforgettable moment in e camp, ranking 1st in the list.......

yes i totally agree....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

College Day

Last sat was college day...
Seniors came back to get their awards..
I was so happy to c them again.. it's like..... i was juz super duper happy,非笔墨所能形容真的是最适合形容我当时的感觉了。。。

晚上,Oldham Hall Performance Festival



哎哟我很神经质啦。。。but who cares!! my blog s my story, i just want to write watever tt apppears in my mind now!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Land Expedition Recce!!!

Went for land expedition recce... not very far, according to qin zhneg
it s ONLY 12.7km....
alright.. i was so tired yesterday n even fall asleep during tutorial.. sorry mr goh~
then interviewed jc1s juniors who gav me seriously shocking answer in scenario questions..

finally it s 6.30pm n all of us were ready to go. Well, many DE SIs dint turn up bcos of various reasons. so ke xi looh.. after some briefing, we set off!!
along e way, we talked, sang, laughed... quite fun. I made an effort to try to rmb e route of landmark so tt i dun get lost in actual DE.. it will b quite sia suei if i bring my group to dunno where.. haha..

after a while, we reached e 1st check point! yeah!! not as difficult as i imagine.. rest for a while n we continued... qin zheng walked quite fast, his pace s same as mine when i m rushin back from sch to hostel for dinner.. walk like that for 1 km s ok. But it s not fun to walk all e way in that speed!!

then... we walked pass a reservoir.. nice scenery.. nv expect sg to hv such a nice view also.. haha next time can pat toh here (eh find a bf first la~~) walked for dunno how far, we reached a yishun park. It was quite dark, n i heard tt SIs hv to stand like in e middle of the park..(shall not reveal more details~~) eh dun play play huh.. it s really not so fun ok.. i was bitten by red ants, not once, not twice, but a lot of times!! killed 2 red ants to revenge~~

there was lightning... followed by thunder at around 930pm... (Well.. melvin cannot differentiate thunder n lightning!!) but we still continue walking.. cherlyn's auntie-bag ended up on melvin's shoulder... haha... everybody seemed to b a bit tired already.. n my blister kept on reminding me of his presence.. eh i know u r there ok??? the lightning loooked nice, but scary too.. teacher reminded us tt someone was struck by falling tree few days ago.. but wat can we do? jz walk fast n pray hard n make sure tt u r not taller than e rests..

finally we reached sembawang.. ms tan decided to let us take bus, cos it seemed to b raining soon.. so we took bus!!! omg it s quite long.. imagine on e actual day we hv to walk~~~ v e bunch of campers also.. aiks~~

n we reached sembawang beach!!! i cud smell bbq smell.. so tempting~~ e wind at e beach s super strong, making me shiver a bit.. cos i was sweating a lot n e wind immediately lower my body temperature... cold sial~ better dun fall sick cos sat s important!!! (well... performance fest s sth tt i dun wish to attend~~)

after some debrieft, we proceed to pavilion n celebrated EC's b'day!! so cool.. if i were him i wont forget this moment!!

then, super super kind ms siao sent us back... it was not a short ride... n 5 of us squeeze at e back while b;day boy sat comfortably in front...

my legs was numb...........
byebye!! shower n going to sch now!!! collega day!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Feel like blogging.. bur dunno wat to talk abt also~~ a lot of things r happening.. n i m too slow to catch up.. i guess.. seemed like life pace s much faster than my pace..
can everybody in my life update me wat s going on?
i m confused... did it really happen o that was my dream? seemed like nth has happened, but e feeling was so real... well... e answer will b revealed soon...

dunno wat i m talking abt.. haha..
feel like eating dunkin doughnut now..
nv c it in singapore.. miss home lah...
papa mama korkor jiejie i miss u guys~~
feel like dumping myself on my bed, i mean my OWN bed at home n sleep for long hours......

one good thing that i shall celebrate is :
holiday s coming!!!! i want PONTIAN!!!

btw~~~ tutorials n proposals r waiting for my attention now..

Friday, May 11, 2007

信 vs 电邮



做到大概凌晨12点半,终于完成了。。明天一定要寄了。不像电子贺卡或电邮,寄信是有lag time的。。。email或sms的话就不用怕会迟到。。。

隔天早上,走了几家便利店都没有卖邮票。。没有SAM machine...还好托朋友帮我买。。







Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A small good news...for me!!

Ha-ha-ha~~ a small piece of good news...
i m exempted from afternoon PE officially!

i nv like afternoon PE since JC2.. it s at 3.15pm, which s still very very hot. N i seriously dun think that 315pm is suitable for PE
theoretically sun light between 10am to 3pm should b avoided
but Singapore s different lah!! everytime sitting on the track wearing PE shorts s a torture, i will e fat in my butt s slowly melting... then run, do conditioning on cement floor, often not under shade, unless it s really super hot!!
last year afternoon PE was ok, cos no matter wat NAPFA results i get i still hv to carry on v it. N it was quite late also, so e sun s not tt hot. We had dance during PE after NAPFA somemore! so fun!!!

now no need to attend afternoon PE.. no need to barbecue myself anymore.. haha.. since i came singapore so many old frens said tt i became darker. Of cos lah.. last time no need to walk under e sun, o in e rain.. my dear mummy will fetch me to tuitions somemore... only around once a week i hv to walk, n definitely nearer than from MRT to hostel....

but e bad thing s..... less physical exercise, consumption of food remain constant o even increase... wat wil i get???

i dun want to b "CUTE"!!!!