Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bali Trip 2

After dinner, Denny brought us to buy Terang Bulan. It is actually Bali version of Apam Balik. Basically it s pancake with fillings. We bought Terang Bulan with cheese and chocolate. IT TASTED REALLY WONDERFUL! Chocolate was sweet while cheesy was salty n fragrant... there were 2 different Terang Bulan-thick and thin. According to Denny, Holland Terang Bulan is the best. Apparently in Bali, piracy is a common crime too. We saw Roland, Polland, and many other similar brand!!

The next day, we went to see the making of Batik and silver. We also visited paintings shop.
Traditional Bali paintings are very complicated.. I spent a long time looking at this painting...

Then, we went Kintamani. It is a volcano area. The weather there was good as it was a bit chilly at noon.The picturesque scenery accompanied us for buffet lunch... It was a shame that we didnt get to go near to the volcano. Hopefully there will be a chance for me to go there again! When we were going to leave the place, hawkers selling souvenirs, drawing temporary tattoo kept on pestering us~~~ They just crowded around us, shouting "Tiga lima untiuk semua" etc~ We had no choice but to patronize a bit..
On our way down from Kintamani, there were many rice fields along the road. Bali paddy field is different with what we usually see in Kedah. As the rice fields are planted on hill, farmers had to make them into staircase-like columns so that water can be retained in the columns.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bali Trip!

Date: 3-9 July
Travel Partners: Katak (Xing Xian), Janice, Siao Min(dunno how to spell), Edwin, Gary
Host: DENNY!!-- Shella's bro!
Travel Mode: AirAsia, Rented Car v driver, Denny's car (Denny or his driver drove)
Budget: RM1000--2,800,000 rupiah (wah wah wah sounds so RICH!!) + RM640 of airfare

Day 0

Took Mayang Sari from Pontian to Pudu. Then, took train Sri Petaling where WeiKen fetched me to 1Utama (thanks, weiken!) There, I met Joanna who happened to be shopping there. Had a small small "dilemma" to choose movie - at the end gals won! watched Incredible Hulk. Then, XueFen fetched me to her house in Damansara. Thanks Xuefen! Stayed a night at her place.


Woke up super early to avoid jam. Urgh.. 1st time i ever took KL public transport at peak hour. It was really challenging to travel with big luggages. I found that KL publich transport is not quite friendly to handicapped ppl-- there were many staircases, some places have no lift. Had a hard time carrying my luggages and squeezing into the sardine cans..

Finally I reached KL sentral, where i met Katak n his friend. Siao Min. Took AirAsia bus to LCCT, slept like a pig on bus cos i din sleep much the night before-- so, i din know how was the route like, n how much time did it take. Met Katak's other frens-- Edwin, Janice and Gary before we checked in and hv breakfast. Finally, we board the plane-- here we come, Bali!

Tried to take some pictures when i was walkking towards the plane as requested by Thermis, but the guards there stopped me =(

Slept throughout the journey, after3 hours, Tadah! We reached Denpasar Airport!

Had a long time at imigration.. very slow ar.. Finally we met Denny and Hansel who were there to pick us up. Reaching Denny's house, I realised how rich can Indon chinese be-- his house doesnt look like a house, but rather, a musuem or temple or some tourist attractions!
Had dinner by the beach outside Discovery Mall at Kuta.. a beautiful beach with breeze and band