Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!

I had a very happy birthday!! B4 that, i was in singapore when i realised that many of my frens in hostel wud not b in hostel, n i was super duper damn lonely.. i didnt wish to hv a lonely pathetic day so i decided to come back pontian.. then, as usual, if got some ppl go back hometown, we sure come out to eat n talk.. then i went out v them to hv steamboat. The best thing s birthday gal can get to hv free steamboat!! yeah!!

it was really a great time together, cos all d frens present there r my good frens!! we chatted, suan each other, kacao hong huei, haha.. those who dunno hong huei cant imagine how fun it wud b v him around!! after eating many many rounds, we finally stopped.. then penguin them carried a birthday cake in, v special candles!! wow... they r like“yan1 hua1”… I dunno wat it s called, haha.. then they sang d song, I made wishes (they wanted me to help them make wish also…). Then I blow then candles.. wat d hell? Y cannot b blown off d? I tried again.. still cannot.. hong huei helped me.. also cannot.. alamak.. even if I blow them off, they automatically lit up again… I was so zha dao then I used chopstick to pick up the candle n poke them onto the spilled soup..hehe.. clever right? then they made me to use my mouth to pick up the super short candle..

The cake was delicious.. hh kept on saying we didnt really celebrate his bday.. so penguin asked me to use the cream to "kor" his face.. haha...

Then they gav me present n asked me to open…luckily this time nth weird already.. it s a pair of pillow..a white pig n a black pig.. so cute!! I like them so much! I always wanted to hv cute pillows o soft toys.. but dunno y I nv get 1 d leh..very sien..haha.. b4 I cud hug them, the guys grab the pillows n put under their armpit.. wat d hel1!!!! All of them took turn to “contaminate” my cute little darlings…. Argh…..finally when every guy did so, they gav them back to me… y I m so ko lian huh…

After that, we “sua tuah” to the stall opposite steamboat house.. very scary…so full already still can stuck so many food… then, went home, then, slept at 3am… cos I was a bit too full, haha

Above r my presents this

the big bag s from wan xin guo ting elin liying... hehe.. they gav me long time ago cos i kept on asking them to accompany me to buy a bag..they were afraid that i wud buy when i come back malaysia, so they gav me a surprise by giving me this when i was expecting a card game n maggie curry noodles at a normal night...

the doggie pouch s from my harmoc section right? they put sweets n ...tissue paper inside the pouch..cos choo hua said i alwayz need to tissue to wipe my pianica pipe..

the seaweed... s from alan..haha.. i m still wondering y he gav me seaweed as a present.. n he says this s his 2nd favourite brand.. y 2nd but not 1st huh?? anyway i like seaweed!!!

ok..decided to do this: use the big bag to bring the small pouch back to hostel, then lie on my bed eating seaweed v the cute pillows under my head..haha..

thanx frens!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

TeoChiew Opera

Went to watch teo chew opera v my mum yesterday. Initially we wanted to visit our relatives, who knows none them r at home.. So, we jz went to a temple that has celebration..

When we reached there, we were shocked... cos more than half of the audience were my family members. Uncle, aunt, grandaunt, cousins....... altogether 19.. after a while, my aunt n her family came, adding d number to 24. Then i counted the ppl who r not my relatives. ONLY 12!!!!!
(pict on left shows my family members, pict on the right shows other ppl in front of the stage)

when i was young, i used to go "watch" opera v my mum. Gradually i even knew a few parts of the opera.. haha.. i cant sing well lah.. my mum can really sing, sometimes even better than d actors. She told me wHen she was young, she loved opera till she nearly became an actor of teo chew opera. Luckily she didnt, o else my childhood wud b v the opera scary...

besides that, i feel that teochew opera s really a sunset industry..cos all d supporters r 70+, 80+, only my mum n her frens r 50+...slowly they will lose the audience, n then, vanish...

Friday, November 24, 2006

BYe Bye seniors...

went out v JC2s seniors william alan shan zheng howard... n JC 1s r my gang elin euchoon weiken, but wan xin didn come..aiya..
shud hv taken some picts, but that great shan zheng brought a camera without charged batteries....... so... haiz...

feel quite sad cos they r leaving soon.. they r nice to us, especially william n alan. We totally hv no "generation gap" v them.. n even closer v them compared to some other JC1s... so now they r leaving, next year no ppl to play badminton v, no ppl to crap v n no ppl to hav meals v me liao........ i m so SAD~!!!! haiz..... i wish they r my batch, then we can hv 1 more year together.. budden if they r my year i will b very stressed also, they r super good academically.....

all of all.. wanna say thanks to them n also my frens in this pict (shan zheng is not in the pict, who ask him bring a laoya camera!!) u gav me an excellent year in singapore!! seniors, pls consider staying in singapore ya~~

Shall I pursue my dream?

<-- Hi, i m ur newspresenter...
will i b one?? according to katak, it s quite impossible....

Went to NTU Chinese media workshop last week, organized by NTU, subsidized by Singapore journalist fund… quite a good experience, I learn more abt journalism, diff type of news like internet news n TV news. B4 that, when I was a xue ji, I learnt abt newspaper news. Then when I joined BJ mission, I know wat s it abt radio news….. now I even learnt TV news!! N d most AMAZING part s my group got a small award for internet news making…wow.. very surprising, cos compared to other group, ours s d most simple n short n no much function… but when I was explaining, I tried to say to say this s bcos all other news website r too complicated n messy..haha…toook a TV video in a small saloon in NTU, was a bad job... difficult to deal v e ppl interviewed.. then when we went mediacorp, d newspresenter lin qi yuan was my tour guide!! Wow… cool…

After all these things, I feel that I really love mass com, I think I shud study in sch of info n comm… this has been my dream since sec 2.. after form5 i still dare not jump into it cos i was afraid that it was jz a "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" dream, jz a little gal's dream, not ambition. After years, i still like this area a lot!! but then… m I d right material? The prof said my gp mz b better than B4… now I need 1 more mark to get C……… how…. My interest s there, but my capability may not b there yet… Alan said I can do it d.. there s still 1 more year.. but how bt my other subject? I studied a lot b4 I can get my “okay” promo results, n my maths still sucks..

Ah…dun k liao, I wanna get B4 for my gp in A level!! Jia you u can d!! Fight!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


自信 自卑





Friday, November 10, 2006

PW s over...yeah!!!!!!!

now i dun even want to think abt my project already.. we hv been dwelling on it for months, n same script for weeks......... yucks...... 25 years later if my child want to get $$ from me to buy virtual reality devices i wil faint..haha.. IT S A GOOD PROPOSAL!! so i think it s really going to work lah..

hehe.. now no more sunday meetings in hostel, no need to go Wileen's house although her mum s super nice, no noeed to go jimmy's house that i can even c d sch behind, no need to beg liu qiong 2 let us go to her house, n no need to ask josiah to read through my stuff...yeah yeah yeah......

however, i think thru pw i learnt quite a lot : better temper, cos i need to face ppl whose temple s worse than mine..('s u lah....), more IT savvy (cos josiah alwayz wanna us to use short cut buttons like Ctrl+S......), n the most important thing, i realise that it s possible to memorsider a 5 minute long script!!! wehn i was preparing for my debates in sec sch, i nv ever succeed to go to d stage without cue card.... now i did it!! yeah!!

pw..once in a life........luckily.....