Saturday, September 22, 2007

shopping spree..

today wanxin n ley ying n elin n i went out to do some shopping
not only "some", but super a lot... very tiring
for me to choose har.. study for so long o shop for so long, i wud rather study...
but luckily i got e things i want.. =)
bought a dress, a pair of shorts n a pair of sandals..
i really feel tt gals in shopping malls, especially where sales r held, r very horrible
accompanied ley ying to buy her shoes, i sat in a shop tt gv 70%discount
it s like.. battlefield~~~ omg~~
i think e guys who work there r quite pitiful.. everyday they c gals' ugly side.. haha
btw i think i wont ask my bf to shop v me.. very ke lian to make guys wait wait wait for u while u happily try on ur clothes in fitting room. But shopping v ur gal frens r nice.. like today everyone of us took one pile of clothes n tried.. laughed at each other in fitting room, giv comment etc etc... this s enjoyable~ luckily euchoon n weiken didn follow us, if not they will die there.. bored to death.. haha

feel quite guilty to spend so much time shopping.. mug now mug now!!
tmr s thanksgiving dinner....

Monday, September 17, 2007



殘酷的口福updated:2007-09-07 16:26:49 MYT
過生日的那個上,朋友邀請我到一稍有名氣的餐館吃飯。進了餐館包廂,從服務員手中接了菜譜,朋友先點了幾道“普通”菜肴,然後在服務員強烈建議之下,叫了一道喜氣洋洋的‘團圓扇子’。名字這麼輝煌的‘團圓扇子’,端上來後,我們竟然發現只是一條首尾相接、形成一個圓扇形的鱔魚。我的反應比較慢,朋友卻立馬跳了出來,批評這道‘招牌菜’有點失真、過于夸大事實。那位跟那道菜肴一起出來的師傅,以動作解答了朋友的疑問。用手上的小刀,他將鱔魚的腹部慢慢劃開。只看到亮晶晶的、鮮美的魚子涌了出來,透明而潤亮如珍珠的魚子,一下子就堆滿了晶瑩剔透的盤子。或許,他停在哪兒就好。可惜,大師傅繼續賣弄。他說︰“這道菜肴的難度,在于尋找與采購即將產卵的母鱔魚。在制作的過程,把活生生的母鱔魚小心的放進鍋里的熱油中。受了熱,母鱔魚急于保護自己的卵,在護住腹里的卵的過程,便使勁的躬身。烤熟後,母鱔魚就躬成一個完美的圓形。”我們馬上給嚇呆了,驚訝的說不出話來。這個時候,他加了一句話︰“今天你們很有口福,這條母鱔魚,又大、又肥、又鮮。”口福?名字與概念都好。但,美麗與美好的下面,竟然是哀婉的、殘酷的故事。大師傅強調這道菜肴味道很好。不知道為什麼,拿著筷子的我們,就是不忍下筷,腦海里禁不住要聯想,亮晶晶的魚子,不止是小鱔魚的生命,還是母鱔魚臨死之前,為了維護孩子們的生命,掉落的悲涼與絕望眼淚。 (星洲日報/副刊•文:李國七•2007.09.03)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wah exam s very irritating~

haiz... prelim now.. i m still online.. haha~ erm... to relax myself a bit after today's 6hours 15mins of papers... crazy time table
luckily tmr i hv no papers... if not i will pengsan
e bio papers today r killers... e toughest paper i ever received...
haiz.. y shud prelims b so difficult?
or.. actual A level s so difficult as well??

y m i studying huh???
god pls send me salvation by teaching me math chem bio econs gp!!!!!

alright...finish kisiao-ing

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Curse the thief!!!

A hostel fren lost $400 in her room! $400!!! it s meant to pay internet fees.. my money s inside too..
wah this thief har... s really cruel! we suspect it s her roommate who did it. Her room r all JC2 students, so bad lah.. prelim now n real A level s coming still do this kind of thing.. make my fren has no mood to study.
Really hope tt there s God to punish those who do wrong things..
Stealing s a crime! if the person s caught, i hope tt e person will b expelled
Even if u really dun hv money, dun steal all lah!! $400 steal $50 still not so cruel. But...alright stealing $1 s wrong already....
earn ur own dollars if u want!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hari Kemerdekaan

Yesterday was malaysia's national day..
Kuan Chin, as malaysian AHM organised a simple celebration in dining hall

Malaysian boarders, mainly scholars, gathered around a table, n we sang Negaraku..
suddenly, i felt a bit sad...
exporting scholars has become a common trend..
y r we here? Y there s no place for us in malaysia?
i wonder....

anyway, happy birthday to malaysia..
my home, my family, my frens, my childhood memories....r all there...
there s no other place i can love..