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Friday, December 01, 2006

Pontian 1 day trip

William n Howard, my JC2 seniors in hostel came pontian yesterday. So, being the only person they know here, i planned for a long time so that they dun get bored in this small small town, which for me s a "not so interesting" place..

The 1st thing we did was eating wan ton noodles. I was quite surprised that they actually like the red noodles, which s rare in other places.. the sauce s made of tomato ketchup.. not everyone accept the noodles to b sweet sour d.. so 1st mission achieved!
Then, we went kukup. I think they felt that the taxi was lau ya.. indeed it was.. but to me it s jz normal loh..hehe.. On the way, it rained heavily.. I blamed them for coming late, cos I afraid that if it rains, then we cant do anything there!! But William s really lucky enuff, he told us it wont rain there, indeed the rain stopped!!
When we reached, I met hong huei on his way to kukup. Hehe..howard said he can c tt honghuei s anak ketua kampong, bcos of his size..haha. We bought boat tickets n waited at the restaurant. Saw many ang moh.. Finally it was our turn. Although this was the N time I took boat, I was still very excited..

Firstly, we went pulau kukup, the 2nd biggest mangrove island in the world. I was quite familiar v the place already, since I helped xue ji to organize a camp there b4.. but the bridge was still quite scary.. after that, we jz walked along the wooden path. Then it started to rain… argh…cant go to the airy to look for birds..

Then, we went to kelong. William n howard were so excited to c the sea creatures there, like sea turtle, baby shark etc.. saw giant groupers that can cost around 1 thousand.. wow.. cool right?? But the way they kill d fish was a bit scary.. use small knife to poke the gills.. the fish was still alive after that. Then, on the way back, we asked for permission to stand in front of the boat. Howard n I took a picture v “titanic pose”. Super damn funny lah.. all other passengers looked at us when we took that silly pict.. haha

Then, we walked around kukup kangkar n they bought cai yan kueh.. nice.. howard was a bit lauya, got tired easily.. then we jz sat in front of the caiyan kueh stall n chatted for a while b4 mum fetched us to tanjung piai

Tanjung Piai s a great place!! By the time we reached, the information centre was closed actually. But it s was even better! Cos we used the bikes that r supposed to b used for patrolling to go around the places. IT WAS FUN!!! We cycled along the board walk, which was quite dark at that time, scary sial… if u ask me to cycle alone, I WONT!!! My hp started to change to Indonesia line.. Finally we stepped on the southernmost tip of mainland Asia!!! I was so excited!! (mayb bcos as I cycled, my blood flowed faster..) Then we took many photos there, haha..fun!!!

***************to be continued**************