Saturday, October 18, 2008

Every week I have about 24 hours of classes, mostly lectures, with 2 lab sessions. Lectures are just like normal lectures where lecturers talk, we listen (or sleep? No lah so far I have been awake!!) Lab sessions are fun! We have pharmaceutical chemistry lab sessions where we do chemistry experiments like titration, but they are all related to pharmaceutical science, ie the skills acquire here will be applied in future when we are pharmacists. We also have pharmaceutical products manufacturing sessions. This is when we produce medicines like cough syrup, paracetamol etc!! This is really fun! But the preparation to this is quite tedious—we have to read up, do manufacturing records, make labels.. Writing manufacturing record is very troublesome ar!! We have to flip through many thick thick books to sieve out information. I have never used so many giant books to complete just a sheet of paper before! This is the amount of books that we typically use EVERY WEEK. One of them has a very DISTINCT smell, which, according to seniors, it s the smell of some cream.. omg..

Other than that, I have lab sessions that involves drugs reaction, clinical cases etc. Students are divided into groups of 3-7, according to the nature of the experiments. The 1st lab session was on drug reaction on human. The drugs we used we Pilocarpine and Tropicamide-- drugs that will either dilate or constrict pupil.. This sounds really scary. Luckily i wasnt the subject but the observer. After "drugged" by me, my partners had dilated or constricted pupil for about 5 hours! OMG... after lab session, we need to present our findings in seminar right after lunch break. Haiz, we dont even have proper lunch break! After seminar, we need to submit a long long long report on the next day~~

Anyway, although i complain a lot, i LOVE MY COURSE!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cooking cooking cooking..

My housemates and I have been cooking our dinners because there is no much choices available to us and some of them are very expensive while taste yucky...So, these are our products!

How? Want to cater food from us? Hehe...