Sunday, December 30, 2007



2007我做过的,比较特别的的事(not in chronological order...)

1. Our first concert--Harmoc n guitar concert 2007! my effort s all there! n also Singapore Youth Festival!!

2.sandcastle building--hello? not small one, but big ones!!

3.walked from AJC to sembawang beach-- twice!! (chased by dogs at 3am~~)
4. slept at pavilion twice--once at sembawang park, once at east coast park
5.cycled at 2am~ at east coast park

6. stayed up e whole night, clubbing, McDonald-ing, sitting by SIngapore River

7. Drank alcohol in a pub(well, one sip only~i m a good gal pls~)
8. Went geylang, saw a prostitute who looked like 50-year-old sailormoon
9. Went sentosa a few mins after some1's suggestion, during A level period

10. Spent most of my non-sleeping time in study room for months..

11. The most number of times i cried in a within e certain period-- so stressful.. so sad.. so touched.. in dilemma.. many things for me to cry
12. Survived through my A level!!
13. Performed in oldham hall performance fest-- as an auntie~, oldham hall drama--ke lei fe only lah~~

13. Prom!

14. Watched e so-far-most-beautiful-i-ever-seen fireworks in sg

15. Left Oldham Hall.. n din cry when i left!!

There r also things tt were really memorable, which are either too sad for me to mention, or jz i find them unsuitable to b posted here. But no doubt, they are carved deeply on my heart.

SO, 2008 s coming!!

This s really gonna b a year v uncertainties. I dunno wat i wil b doing in this year, where wil i b staying.. will i b studying o working or travelling or wandering? wat r my temporary jobs--teacher or DJ or babysitter or jz some operator? will i b studying in sg or australia or malaysia? will i b studying pharmacy or speech pathology or health science or media?

For 1 thing i know, I m gonna b Happy!! this s wat i really can choose without hesitation!!

2008 HERE I COME!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


我要当老师了。。。在新加坡一件邻里中学教华文和生物。我是这间学校的唯一一个teaching intern!!!教华文应该没问题吧!生物?呵呵,要开始读中学的生物课本了。
昨天去了中学看看,校园挺小的,教职员人数好像也不多。见了我的supervising teacher,是母语部的主任。和她聊了很多,包括她的教学宗旨,我的责任,接下来母语部要推行的计划等。她还告诉我这间学校的学生有时会很顽皮,老师说什么都听不进去,有些还会顶嘴。(主任说我是辩论员,面对顶嘴的学生应该不会有问题~)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My sweet little niece

My niece s has been staying in my house for a few weeks

This 7-year-old gal s very cheerful, witty, talkative, sensible, naughty, chubby, fair... (er herm.. many relatives said she s exactly like me when i was a little gal)

Yesterday night, i was checking bus service online... seeing me checking maps n laptop, she asked me wat i was doing.. i told her yiyi s going to work in sg.. need to take k of myself, find my own transport. Then, this little gal said in a very serious tone, 姨姨你要好好保重。。haha..笑死我。。又很感动~~
after tt, she said she wants to help me find jobs in kuching~ suggested me to sell wan ton noodles in kuching~then she said cannot cannot.. yiyi shud b teaching.. so she said she wil help me to ask her sch to c whether i can teach there..haha..

later, i told her i m going to jb today, going to sg on 27. After some while~ she was crying!!! cried v tears~ i asked her y.. she said, 姨姨明天就出去了,晚上又没有回来,我27号要回kuching了,这样我不是又没有见到姨姨了??then tears rolled from her eyes~ omg.. i nv know she s so attached to me~i always kacao her, tease her, n joke v her~ n she likes to say 我讨厌姨姨~~

我看她哭到这样可怜~很心疼~就抱抱她。。after tt.. my sis told me my niece was saying, "after i go back kuching, yiyi wil go sg, then yiyi wil go australia.. my sch holiday s in march. yiyi dun hv sch holiday in march!! then i wont c her lah?? she wil go there for 4 years leh.. by e time she graduate, i wil b studying in uni already!!"(ops.. this one she s kind of naive~ she has many more years to suffer b4 she goes into uni~~) then she cried somemore~

aiks.. such a sweet gal...

as i m blogging, she s concerning how long i wil b staying in sg, wat time i wil leave home tmr~~

Monday, December 24, 2007

Game rules:For those who are being tagged, you need to answer 20 questions (choose any 19 questions from the one who has tagged you, and add 1 question of your own). Send it to at least 8 bloggers and you will get all the blessing from everyone. You can't tag the one who has tagged you.

1. What is your dream when during your childhood?
No need to sleep, so that i can play n watch TV all the time..

2. You prefer rainy day or sunny day? and why?
Rainy day. A nice weather to laze n sleep for e whole day!

3. What colour do you like most?
Baby blue

4. If you ever have a chance to tell 1 phrase to your love, what would it be?"
I love u (e simplest yet the most meaningful sentence..)

5. Which place in the earth do you want to go the most?
The place where my loved one is situated..

6. What would you do when you are in deep sadness?

7. What do you scare to lose in your life?
The drive to move forward

8. If you ever meet someone that you love, what would you do to her/him?
A hug. Hugging is the best language to express love. (copied directly from waikit)

9. List out 3 good points of the one who tagged you.
Sensible, sensitive, critical in analysing

10. Until now, what is the moment that you regret most?
So far, no

11. Which type of person you hate most?
Selfish person

12. What is your ambition?
Contribute my best to the society (Dun laugh, i mean it.)

13. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.
Do not care abt other ppl's well-being

14. Christmas is coming, who would you like to celebrate with?
My loved ones

15. What is the most important thing in your life?
Appreciate happiness

16. When do you wish to settle down?
Hopefully by 28, partly depending on my Mr. Right loh..

17. If you are given a chance to inherit a personal quality, what would it be? (My question)
Carefulness. I m a careless gal!!

18. If you ever want to let go something in your life, what would it be?
Nothing. All these bits n pieces make my life as a whole.

19. One food in your mind right now!
Ice kacang

20. What is your motto? Y not stay happy when u hv e right to choose between being happy and sad?

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I love this song!!

The 1st time i listened to this song s when kianseng dedicated this song to peishan n me when we were waiting for SPM results.. it was played at suntec city, e fountain of wealth.. love this song so much!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Went to my uncle's wedding banquet few days ago. So happy tt he s finally married!! I used to wonder y he cant find a suitable gal.. he s a nice man v decent job n look n family background, he s humourous~ finally he found his gal!!
Looking at e bride, i was thinking.. wow.. i think i shud get married earlier, b4 30... if not when i bcome bride, i wud hv wrinkles, crow's feet n everything tt shows my age.. aiks.. bride shud b very pretty d mah.. i m not pretty already, still add on all these meh.. dun want dun want~~

Then, i used to think i want to hv 3children.. but, yesterday as i went to e banquet, i met many relatives. Suddenly i hv soooooooo many cousins.. wow.. nv realised tt there s a baby boom. No doubt they r seriously cute, but then v so many kids running around.. it looked quite scary. My aunt, who has a 1.5 year old boy was busy chasing the super energetic boy... he ran to e stage n tried to destroy e sound system. Another 3 cousins were on stage also, trying to figure out how come e cake s fake, y e mike cannot work, how does e champhagne taste~~ omg.. as one of e "adult" sitting near e stage, i was busy chasing them too.. i cant imagine if all of them r my kids while i still need to work at day time~ i wud pengsan~~~

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Went to e market v mum today
DIn go there for quite some time already, since i went sg to study
Today sis n her family s r coming back from UK, i supposed mum had to buy a lot of stuff, so, as a filial (huh?? haha) daughter, i decided to go market v her
SKIP skip skip.....(e details like wat we bought etc etc)
bought breakfast at my fav shop.. OMG since when did they increase e price from 70cents to RM1!! ridiculous!!-- well, although e price s high, i still choose to eat tt cos this s my fav... bo bian~
went to grandma's house, had breakfast v her, chatted v her using TeoChew.. realised, my teochew s like my malay now~~ worsen since i went sg~~

Hello?? can someone tel me wat shall i do?

Now waiting for A level results, supposed to b a great time for me to slack, but then, hello? 19-year-old gal slacking for months? not quite sensible right?

So, actually i hv planned sth for myself:
1. I got internship offer from MOE to teach for a month, salary s $1000, quite a good program cos i get trainings etc etc
BUT! i m waiting for aus uni offer, which requires me to b in australia in early feb. So if i get e offer, i shall not work but use january to prepare stuff...
BUT! MOE wants my reply b4 22nd!! -- so i shall tell them e truth, tt i really want to accept e offer, but i may quit if i need to go aus..
2. Heard tt some frens whom i knew via Broadcast Journalist competition got some jobs from FM95.8, via phone call. Which means, i may get e chance too!!but then i m in m'sia now, even if they call me i wont receive e call!!! omg~~ ok.. i shall email them n say, "hello?? i m free n available!! pls approach me if there s any opportunity!!"
3. Shud travel v my frens in malaysia. But then recently floods r all over malaysia, somemore sis's family s coming back m'sia tmr.. i shall spend time v them right?? but after they go back i wont hv time to go around msia liao... ok mayb i wud hv, if i cant get any desired uni n course..
4. Wat if i really cant get any uni in Aus? i shall wait.. do some work.. join Work n Travel program to go US o New Zealand... then find some relevant internship to confirm my path..

oh well, seemed like i know wat i shall do liao.. haha.. blogging s a way to plan too!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

再见,oldham hall!


时间。。过得还算挺快的。。我不会说“不知不觉”地过了2年,而是精彩充实的度过了我的初院生涯。昨天晚上的prom,就是为我的jc life画上一个完美的休止符。(待续。。)



午餐和佑春一起吃,收到他最后一个在宿舍的“lunch!” sms..呵呵,每天的午餐晚餐都会准时收到“lunch!”和"dinner!"的sms。不知道我们会不会在澳洲相遇呢?


还好,我离开的时候佑春和weiken都在忙着check out,没和我临别依依,都是匆匆的说了再见就走了。josiah, ten, darrel都在宿舍门口送别。天空下着绵绵细雨,还好手上的行李有够重,分散了我的注意力,我一滴眼泪都没有流哦!



Thursday, December 06, 2007


小学时作文的题目。。。小时候看到这个作文题的时候就会很庆幸,我的志愿嘛,这么容易的题目,洋洋洒洒的写了一篇,文笔通顺,内容切题,A!!可是不知道为什么,这个题目的难度好像随着我的年龄的增加而增加。。。前几天回家,看到小学时的通讯录,里面写的是40多个小脑袋瓜的联络方法,毕业感言,和志愿。原来很多小孩(我那个年代吧?)想要当设计师。。呵呵。。榜上有名的包括设计师,老师,医生,律师,不错,典型的“我的志愿”看看这些老同学现在的状况,大概只有一个人正朝着自己的梦想前进,在印尼念医学系。。其他的,还远着呢,不然就是像我一样,已经转移目标了。。转移目标?我的目标是什么?呵呵。。。很乱。。。待会儿要去agent那里问看我还来得及报名吗。。我怕啦,这个决定是目前为止我人生中最大的决定。我很幸运,经济方面没什么大问题,但是就是这个“我的志愿”在搞怪。。当兴趣和志愿有分歧,或是有超过一个兴趣一个志愿时,就会像我一样,"the road not taken”。。。。

Sunday, December 02, 2007


结果才睡了一阵,忽然看到两个人影在我面前,死命喊我起床~~原来是两个朋友买了雪糕当蛋糕为我庆祝。至于为什么是在12点之前呢?原来因为还有一个住另一层楼的朋友要一起庆祝!结果,我看他们吃了雪糕,然后再去睡觉~(要生病了还吃雪糕咩~)要回去的时候,朋友叫我帮她拿手袋,看到了一本吴若权的书。她说,呐,你的生日礼物。。我回应:“屁啦~”(没想到他们会送书本给我嘛~原本希望会收到一只小熊soft toy的。。)“是真得啦!”oh really?? wow!! 我很喜欢吴若权!!真的很喜欢这本书。。全彩色的呢~舍不得看。。

过了一阵,怎么少了一个应该会打电话给我的朋友的电话呢。。原来他通过别人送了我一只熊soft toy..oh my god!! 我这一辈子第一次收到soft toy bear呢,高兴到~~在床上滚,呵呵。。很怀疑自己的形象是不是很“我不喜欢绒毛bear~”,活了18年都没人送我呢~一个在印尼念书的朋友也很意外的记得我的生日。。和几个来我房间向我说生日快乐的朋友聊到2点,我就很开心的睡着了。。
晚上本来要去danga bay玩,结果哥哥困在车龙中,还下雨~我们就继续逛街~
去哥哥家住了一玩,回宿舍。生日隔天才知道ahm做了一个小小的蛋糕给我,但是我不在!最后还是有吃到啦~陆陆续续收到很多sms,即使很多是迟到的,但better late than never!!