Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life as a pharmacy student- Part 2

My new toy, given by my uni.
Looks cool as when we were in secondary school, i felt like having one set to play with. But now, they are giving it to us for free, and allow us to bring it to exam..
It shows something..

Molecule structures are getting more complicated to the extent i cant use my small brain in my big head to visualise anymore =.=

Teh Tarik..

My favourite drink at Mamak, teh tarik
But, I will never order u after 9pm, seriously.
When the half of the world where u r at is sleeping already, n u r wide awake, with a malfunctioning brain, I know teh tarik isnt so nice

Hopefully I can run the experiments smoothly later, with a brain that is uncharged and a body with high blood pressure due to lack of sleep =.=

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blood Donation Drive

The first packet of blood I ever donated in my life

I was freaking scared. Really. Luckily i din even remove the jacket from my face when the needle was poked. If not i may hv fainted already.

But, trust me, it wasnt painful.
Donate ur blood if u can! It helps people who are in need!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth Hour.. Do u think this s a good way to remind people to save the earth?
I doubt so.. So far I only heard of people asking each other how to spend that 1 hour in the dark. No one seemed to know the real meaning behind..

I thought of some small small things that every one of us can do EVERY DAY- not only on certain day because of some campaign:
- Avoid using plastic bags
I find it a great wastage when you are just buying a single item that can be placed in ur bag conveniently, or worse, when you are going to use the thing immediately after you step out of the shop, for example an ice cream. Reduce usage!

- Avoid take-aways
When you can just sit in the canteen and enjoy your food serve in plates or bowls, why not? Why bother to pack the food with polysterene and plastic bags? Although they do not seemed to be melting when the hot food is poured into them, but you can never know the toxins released once the chemicals is heated by the piping hot food

- Set your air-con temperature to a moderate one!
I know air-con s a great invention, n i enjoy it too. But why must we set it to 18 degree n make every1 wears jacket or trembling v goosebumps? Just set it to, say, 25 degree, where everybody does not feel hot, and do not feel cold! We are in Malaysia, a tropical country. But sarcastically, but my peers from UK said they actually cant stand the air conditioned lecture halls!

So, please try to incorporate these into ur daily life as a more practical way to save the earth!

Monday, March 16, 2009



Sunday, March 08, 2009

药剂系学生的生活写照(一)Life as a pharmacist student..

This is one of my dispensing lab experiment. One of the most "troublesome" experiment-- i hope this is the most troublesome one, no more worse experiment pls.. Firstly, groups of three have to produce 8 creams of different concentration of certain type of base. In ONE morning.. It sounds ok since we usually prepare 2 types of medicine in a morning. In fact, it s more difficult! According to intruction, I had to add the water phase "slowly" into oily phase and mix thoroughly. So added in SLOWLY. After around 30mins of mixing, i found that my cream doesnt look like cream. It looks like water with a layer of oil floating on top =.= I asked Dr Morris, he asked me how i made the cream. When i said the word "slowly", he said, do u mean dropwise? i said, no.. >.< ok, i redo..

So i repeat the procedure, adding water-phase dropwise. Drop by drop. Really. After ONE HOUR OF MIXING,i finished adding in all, it looks like cream in some water, n with some oil floating above. Asked lab assistant abt it, she said, well, if u r asking me what to do,i would say "Redo". >.< NO WAY I DONT WANT TO REDO!!

SO i din redo..

Then, we put all the creams into individual agar tubes and petri dish.
Unlucky me had to take all the tubes back home, recording the diffusion rate every 8 hours =.=

I feel like i m a baby sitter who has to feed baby 3 times a day.
After the lab session....

Haiz, still have to wash the lab coat, like washing baby's napkin =.=


吃完之后,Jacky说了一句让Lih Chien很担心的话--You will go toilet often after eating this..

Sunday, March 01, 2009