Monday, June 30, 2008

Terbalik lah dude~

Went shopping with a friend. He tried a shirt, satisfied, proceed to the cashier while I was looking around. Suddenly, he handed me his $50 note and asked me to pay for him. Asking him why, he said he would tell me later. I paid for him, wondering what's going on.. Don't tell me the lady at the cashier is his old flame?

After paying, we walked for about 10m, i asked him again.
Him: Look at my shirt
(after 2 secs, i burst in laughter)
Oh my god~~ this blur fella wore his shirt inside out!
Not only that, the label was right in front also!!
Super~~ Duper~~~ FUNNY!!!
Quietly, he moved to a fitting room, wore the shirt in the correct way..

My friend, told me his story...
"At work, after excercising, i took off my shirt since i was sweating heavily, as usual. Then my watchroom guy pressed the secondary alarm, and got us into alert. so i ran up my vehicle w/o my shirt a rush, i juz put on my shirt in d vehicle as we moved towards the runway. After problem solved, we went back, got down, and my boss told me later tt i wore my shirt wrong way round... ie inside out"

WAHAHA.. another big laugh for me!

Guys, PLEASE employ the skill that ur mama taught u when u were 3-year-old. It is quite important, ok??
Anyway, thanks for giving me some laughter!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sumptous Lunch!

Few days ago, my colleagues and I went for staff lunch, which means ALL colleagues and some taw-kays ( oh well not really taw kay, cos it s a church, basically there is no boss..)
I ordered grilled tuna as appetizer, lamb shank as main course, n dark-choc cake as dessert.. The tuna was really fresh, the outer layer was lightly grilled to give it a crispy texture while the inner part of the flesh was totally raw- it s so "wow"~! I was too happy with it, and~ I forgot to take picture

Next, it is the main course-- tadah! Lamb Shank with baby spinach!

It is a big serving.. Pastor Fred who ordered the same dish said, "oh.. i dont think you can finish it.." "well.. you just wait and see.."

To his surprise, i MANAGED to finish it! Y not? It s so so so delicious that I hope I have a bigger stomach so that it can rock and roll happily and comfortably.. haha..

Next, my favourite dish of all-- dessert!
The moment i saw it.. hehe.. i can feel the fireworks above my head dy.. it looks so yummy! The moment I poked the choc cake, the molten chocs flowed out.. slowly merged with the raspberry jem.. Although i was quite full already, but the dessert simply made my stomach expand suddenly! The chilly ice-cream plus the warm choc cake.. I felt I was in the heaven~~

The best thing was, I DID NOT PAY A SINGLE CENT!
The weekday lunch cost about $24 per person, without tax, which is quite reasonable given such a nice ambience in that restaurant-- Mexican leisure style. But this meal, could cost me more that $70+++ at night!!
Hoho.. the best meal I ever had in Singapore actually....

Saturday, June 28, 2008





Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretty vs Ugly

I watched an interesting TV program just now, called Brainiac
In the show, all kinds of experiment are done. You get to test which smell attracts women the most: pheromone, sweat or cologne; how much impact will a big big cloud cause if it turns to rain all at one go etc
There is this experiment: How much help would a pretty gal get, compared to an ugly gal..
hoho.. a bit cruel..
So they let 1 pretty gal drag a heavy luggage up the stairs 1st
Almost all men who see her doing that alone offered to help
Next, the ugly gal tried her luck
urgh... men r so realistic! i thought at least a few people would lend her a helping hand, but none did that! so bad..
no wonder katak asked me to take k of myself when i go bali v his gang-- cos he NEEDS to take care of the pretty friends but not his buddy-- me

haiz.. i m thinking..
when i drag my heavy luggage from public transport to my new uni, will some1 help me?
i better do more weight training...

Monday, June 23, 2008





象牙塔的生活到底是怎样的呢?会不会比form six更难?课外活动会不会多姿多彩?宿舍会不会让你有家的感觉?要努力努力努力哦!等大家戴上四方帽后我们可以合成成一张毕业照!反正自从幼稚园后我就没有拍过毕业照了,sad..大家记得记得要update我你们的生活哦!我建议,大家都写blog吧!这样我们就不会miss掉频率了!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008


收拾旧东西时发现自己2年的JC生涯竟然是这么忙碌的。。月历上面密密麻麻的塞满了各个要记得的事情--什么NAPFA啊class test, common test考哪里,SPA--不是享受的那种,是school practical assessment要背的东西, concert proposal deadline, Service learning program proposal, project work的每一个deadline,彩排,outing,连假期都被one-to-one consultation和extra lecture填满。。我是怎么熬过来的?

回想从考完A level到现在我“干了什么好事”--呵呵,和别人比较起来我应该还算蛮“活跃”的
第一次搭AirAsia,去槟城玩,去英国找姐姐,去muar国婷家,去tampin和melaka找婉欣,去雪芬家,去Gopeng露营爬山洞划船waterfall abseiling,当了2个多月的中学老师(还同时教华文和科学咧~~),在教会工作,看了4个season的Gray's Anatomy,下个月还要去bali...哇!好像怕自己上了大学后就没时间玩这样拼命享受...



Sunday, June 01, 2008

Career Inventory Test Results

Emotional Stability36%

You are an Entertainer, possible professions include - veterinarian, flight attendant, floral designer, real estate agent, child care provider, social worker, fundraiser, athletic coach, musician, secretary, receptionist, special events producer, teacher
Huh?? no pharmacist? No media related stuff??
Huh huh huh??
TEACHER? oh my god i hv had questions like "Are u miss koh or mrs koh?" enough...